Where is the 3D printer in the Library? Who should I talk to about using it? How much does it cost?

The 3D printer is located in the Makerspace on Level 4 South. 

It is available to BYU students, faculty, staff  & non-BYU Library patrons with a library card.

Call  for complete information & scheduling call (801) 422-8981   

Read all the details on the 3D Printing Guide

A few notes . . .

  • Cost is determined by the total grams of plastic used for the model:
  • 10 cents per gram for .2mm - resolution (200 microns)
  • Material: PLA Plastic ( a biodegradable corn-based plastic)
  • Maximum print size: 9.84x8.3x8.3 inches
  • Required File Types: stl or obj


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