• BYU Undergraduate Students
    6 weeks 50 max items 2 renewals
  • BYU Honor’s Thesis Students
    13 weeks 50 max items 2 renewals
  • BYU Graduate Students
    13 weeks 75 max items 2 renewals
  • BYU Staff
    26 weeks 75 max items 4 renewals
  • BYU Admin
    26 weeks 100 max items 4 renewals
  • BYU Faculty
    26 weeks unlimited 4 renewals
  • Other Library Patrons
    3 weeks 25 max items 2 renewal

Loan periods stated above are for most Library materials. There are shorter due dates for specific collections (juvenile literature, Special Collections, etc.).

Waitlist (3 weeks, no renewals) Media items (1-2 weeks depending on patron privilege, 1 renewal) Audiobooks (3 weeks, 1 renewal) Juvenile Literature (3 weeks, 1-4 renewals depending on patron privilege) Curriculum (1 week, 1 renewal) Reference items, periodicals, and microforms (non-circulating)

Renewal limits stated above are for most Library materials. You’ll need your BYU NetID and password to renew online. If you need additional renewals, bring the item to the General Help Desk and we’ll renew it for you (which will also give you the stated number of online renewals again).

Employees can also call Library Delivery Service at (801) 422-5282 to renew materials or to have a Library Delivery Service representative come to their office to renew items that have reached their renewal limit.

If you have any questions about Library privileges, please contact the Circulation Department at (801) 422-6061.

Checkout Identification

You must have a valid BYU ID card to receive services at the General Help Desk.

Shortened Checkout (Recall Policy)

All checked out items are subject to recall (shortened checkout periods). Checkout periods are shortened when another patron places a hold on an item and is waiting to get it. Recalling items is intended to help everyone have more equitable access to material they need in a reasonable time period. Except in the case of rush recalls for course reserve materials, a person should be able to have a book checked out for at least two weeks. When an item is recalled, the due date will be updated in your online library account. As a courtesy, we also try to notify patrons via email when we have an accurate email on file. Because other people are waiting for access to these materials, we do assess a $10.00 non-refundable/non-negotiable fine for each recalled item if the item is not returned by the new due date as listed in your online account. If you still need the material, please feel free to request the item again (place a hold) and you will be notified when the item is ready for you to re-checkout.

Course Reserve (Rush) Recalls

Course reserve recalls happen when an item is being used as part of a university course. In these cases, a high number of students are typically waiting for the material in order to complete required course work. Because of this, rush or course reserve recalls are not subject to the two-week minimum check out described in the shortened checkout (recall policy). Rather, a patron will receive only 48 hours to return an item. If the item is not returned by the end of the 48-hour period, the patron who has the item checked out will be charged for the full cost of the item plus a non-refundable $15.00 processing fee per item.


Courtesy email reminders: 7 days before the due date and 2 days before the due date.

Courtesy email notices: 2 days after the due date, 7 days after the due date, and 14 days after the due date.

Overdue Fines

Your Library account is blocked when one or more items are overdue. If your account is blocked, come to the General Help Desk and we’ll help you get it cleared up. Fines can be paid by credit or debit card, cash, or Cougar Cash.

Billing for Lost Items

Patrons will be billed for lost Library materials that are more than 3 weeks overdue. The bill includes the replacement cost of the item and up to a $15 processing fee.

Proxy Users

Both patrons with disabilities and faculty can designate another person to check out items on their account. Visit the General Help Desk to pick up the request form for a proxy card or download by clicking here. At the beginning of each semester you’ll need to renew proxy privileges by submitting a new form. The other person needs a proxy card and his/her own BYU ID to check out materials. Patrons and faculty are responsible for any materials checked out on their account.

Patron Categories

Only BYU students and employees can access Library databases off campus.

The following are eligible for Library checkout privileges:

  • BYU faculty, staff, retirees, and students
  • Independent Study students
  • Dependents (ages 12–30) and spouses of full-time BYU employees, BYU retirees, deceased BYU employees, and BYU students (see the benefits office to establish this relationship)
  • Friends of the Library with an annual membership fee of $50 (more details)
  • Students, faculty, and staff of BYU–Idaho and BYU–Hawaii
  • Students, faculty, and staff of Utah academic libraries and other participating academic libraries
  • High school students (grades 9–12) for a $10 fee (must present completed High School Student Request for BYU Library Privileges form)
  • Educators in the Alpine, Canyons, Jordan, Nebo, Provo, and Wasatch school districts (you must provide employment verification; contact the General Help Desk for a copy of an employment verification form or see the CITES website)