• Primary applicant must be a current non-student employee in the library.
  • Undergraduate or graduate students who have a project in mind, should invite a library employee to serve as a project mentor (here is a link to the library directory). The library employee must be willing to take on the responsibility of actively mentoring the student throughout the project.


The Harold B. Lee Library is inviting applications for Inspiring Learning Grants. Funding is available for student-centered projects initiated by non-student employees in the library. Undergraduate or graduate students with a project idea should reach out to a library employee, explain their project, and invite them to serve as project mentor. Use the library directory to identify and contact a potential mentor. Successful projects provide a student-centered learning experience that is deeply connected to the library (its services and resources), or which provides experiential learning in the discipline of librarianship. Successful projects also involve active mentorship by a library employee.

Contact:Maggie Marchant, Economics, Finance, and Data Librarian, and Library Grants Committee Chair (maggie_marchant@byu.edu)


A call for applications will be made early each year to staff, administrative, and faculty employees in the library. Applications received after the initial deadline will be reviewed throughout the year as funds remain available.

Previous Grants

  • Advanced Writing Online Conference Presentation – Student participation in a conference for the Global Society of Online Literacy Educators
  • Augmented Reality as a Library Teaching Tool – Student international travel to present paper about use of augmented reality in teaching and learning
  • American Institute for Conservation Annual Meeting – Student expenses to participate in local annual meeting for library conservators
  • An Interactive Library – Student-led development of an Augmented Reality library exhibit, including definition of suitable hardware and software platforms, and content creation
  • Assessment of Virtual Reality Usage – Student travel to participate in Virtual Reality Conference in Ireland, based on participation in library study of Virtual Reality use by patrons
  • BYU Thrive Online Library Component – Students and mentors develop a Library Online Connection (LOC) module in the nascent BYU Thrive Online program, a 2–4-week interactive online course designed for all BYU Online students
  • Digital Open Badges – Students and mentors explore and develop the implementation of digital open badges in the HBLL software training lab to facilitate and support self-directed learning
  • Enhancing the Visitor’s Experience – Student work to create greater interactivity with the Lloyd Alexander Exhibit in the library
  • Exploring the Impact of Mindfulness through an Exhibit and Study – Student participation in design of exhibit for Education in Zion Gallery; student participation in design and implementation of accompanying study
  • Languages of the Spirit – Student international travel to provide an oral history of Book of Mormon translator for Education in Zion exhibit
  • Marriott Student Review – Student domestic travel to present paper at the American Library Association annual conference about the student journal of the Marriott School
  • Motion Picture Film Restoration – Student and mentor restore 1968 BYU-produced film from original camera materials to high definition beauty
  • Rome Temple Oral History Project – Collaborative effort with the College of Humanities and the Kennedy Center to provide stipends applied towards the costs of student internships in Rome; faculty travel
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine – Student domestic travel to interview practicing physicians and visit schools teaching traditional Chinese medicine
  • Two Soldiers, One Family, and Military Resources – Student compiles a research guide that will make it easier and more efficient for library patrons to access French military records