I want to scan & print a large map and some other large items. Where do I do this?

Large Format Scanning:

Scan a map or other large format items at the Experiential Lab on Level 4

Scanning width up to 56 inches on the short side.

Length limits vary by file size. 

Maximum optical resolution is 600 dpi. 

Please be aware: we scan only those items permitted by copyright law.

For more information, see: https://lib.byu.edu/services/wide-format-scanners/.


Wide Format Printing:

The wide format printer will print up to 44 inches on the short side with unlimited length. The cost of printing services is $2 per square foot.

Item must be sized in the correct dimensions before bringing it to be printed.

For more information, see: https://lib.byu.edu/services/wide-format-printers/.


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