Where is Special Collections?

Special Collections is located on Level 1 North.

Here's how to get there:

Come in the library entrance.  You will be in the "Atrium" (Level 3).

Walk down the atrium stairs two levels (Level 1) then continue to walk into the Special Collections area straight ahead from the bottom of the stairs. You will now be able to see the current exhibit.  Feel free to spend as much time as you like.

If you need to use Special Collections items walk beyond the exhibit space to the front desk then left to the Help Desk.

The Help Desk will assist you in the process of using the holdings of the Special Collections Department.

Note: If using stairs is a problem, there is also an elevator available in the library entrance.

For more information, see: https://lib.byu.edu/special-collections/ or https://guides.lib.byu.edu/special-collections



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