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  1. Shannon Sanders

    Reference and Circulation Manager — Circulation, Collections Access

  2. Jennifer Schill

    Religion/Family Reference Supervisor — Religion & Family History, Social Sciences

  3. Heather Seferovich

    Education in Zion Exhibit Educator/Curator — Education in Zion

  4. Greg Seppi

    Curator - 19th and 20th Century Americana Collection — Special Collections
    Subjects: 19th and 20th Century Latter Day Saints and Western America, History, Utah, Local History, Mormon Americana

  5. Paulee Shakespear

    Archives Specialist — Special Collections
    Subjects: Folklore

  6. Dainan Skeem

    Special Collections Department Chair; Curator - 21st Century Manuscripts — Special Collections
    Subjects: 21st Century Latter Day Saints and Western Americana

  7. Elizabeth Smart

    Humanities, Media Arts, News Media, & Women's Studies Librarian — Humanities
    Subjects: Advertising, Communications, Film, Global Women’s Studies, Humanities, Media Arts, News Media, Photography, Public Relations, Theatre Arts

  8. Ezra Smith

    Monographs Acquisition Specialist I — Acquisitions

  9. Kat Smith

    User Experience Designer — Information Technology (IT), User Experience

  10. Andy Spackman

    Associate University Librarian for Collection Services — Library Administrative Offices (LAO)

  11. Colette Stephan

    Metadata & IT Division Assistant — Cataloging & Metadata, Information Technology (IT)

  12. Casey Strong

    Software Engineer — Information Technology (IT), Software Engineering

  13. Sharolyn Swenson

    Continuing Resources Catalog Librarian — Cataloging & Metadata