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  1. Quinn Galbraith

    Sociology, Family Sciences, and Social Work Librarian — Social Sciences
    Subjects: Family Life, Marriage, Family, and Human Development, Social Work, Sociology

  2. Michael Gates

    Digital Preservation Specialist — Digital Initiatives

  3. Kristie Gerber

    Serials Processing Specialist — Acquisitions, Serials

  4. Jared Gibson

    Senior Software Engineer — Information Technology (IT), Software Engineering

  5. Karen Glenn

    Archival Processing Librarian — Archival Processing Section, Cataloging & Metadata

  6. Mike Goates

    Science & Engineering Department Chair, Life Sciences Librarian — Science & Engineering
    Subjects: Bioinformatics, Biology, Biology 100, Geology, Health Science, Plant and Wildlife Sciences, Public Health, Wildlife & Wildlife Conservation

  7. Teresa Gomez

    Geospatial Data, Analysis, and Technology Specialist — Science & Engineering

  8. Adam Griggs

    European Studies-German-French-Italian, Linguistics Librarian — Humanities
    Subjects: American Sign Language (ASL), European Studies, French & Italian Studies, German Studies, Linguistics, Scandinavian Studies, TESOL

  9. Bethany Gustafson

    Archival Processor — Archival Processing Section, Cataloging & Metadata