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  1. Quinn Galbraith

    Sociology, Family Sciences, and Social Work Librarian,Senior Librarian —Social Sciences
    Subjects:Family Life,Marriage, Family, and Human Development,Social Work,Sociology

  2. Michael Gates

    Digital Preservation Specialist —Digital Initiatives

  3. Kristie Gerber

    Serials Processing Specialist —Acquisitions,Serials

  4. Jared Gibson

    Senior Software Engineer —Information Technology (IT),Software Engineering

  5. Karen Glenn

    Archival Processing Section Supervisor —Archival Processing Section,Cataloging & Metadata

  6. Mike Goates

    Science & Engineering Department Chair, Life Sciences,Associate Librarian —Science & Engineering
    Subjects:Bioinformatics,Biology,Biology 100,Geology,Health Science,Plant and Wildlife Sciences,Public Health,Wildlife & Wildlife Conservation

  7. Teresa Gomez

    Geospatial Data, Analysis, and Technology Specialist —Science & Engineering

  8. Adam Griggs

    European Studies-German-French-Italian, Linguistics,Assistant Librarian —Humanities
    Subjects:American Sign Language (ASL),European Studies,French & Italian Studies,German Studies,Linguistics,Scandinavian Studies,TESOL

  9. Bethany Gustafson

    Archival Processing Specialist —Archival Processing Section