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  1. Gordon Daines

    Curator of Research and Instruction Services and Curator of Yellowstone National Park collection,Senior Librarian —Special Collections
    Subjects:Yellowstone National Park

  2. Timothy Davis

    Asian Studies Librarian,Associate Librarian —Humanities
    Subjects:Asian Studies,Chinese,Japanese,Korean,Russian Language/Literature

  3. David Day

    Curator - Music Special Collections,Senior Librarian —Special Collections
    Subjects:Music Special Collections

  4. Charles Draper

    Software Engineering Manager —Information Technology (IT),Software Engineering

  5. Barbie Osorio DeSoto

    User Experience Designer —Information Technology (IT),User Experience

  6. Gerrit van Dyk

    Philosophy and Church History & Doctrine Librarian,Associate Librarian —Religion & Family History,Social Sciences
    Subjects:LDS History & Doctrine,Mormon History & Doctrine,Philosophy