• 30 Computers
  • 10-foot retractable screen
  • Ceiling projector
  • Wall-mounted computer for presenter
  • Whiteboard (behind retractable screen)
  • Portable whiteboard (6x4) (contact the Help Desk to use)
  • Teaching lectern
  • Wall-mounted webcam and microphone/speaker array
  • Option to present from laptop via HDMI or VIA

Download Classroom Use Agreement


Priority Uses

For Family History Workshops and library tours/instruction for BYU Family History courses, contact the Family History Librarian.

For ward, stake, or community family history groups, contact the BYU Family History Library missionaries: byufhlmissionaries@gmail.com, 801-422-3766.

Other One-Time Use

Reservations are for one-time use and are subject to approval based on priority needs. See the Classroom Use Agreement for guidelines. The classroom is not available for full semester/term courses.


Family History Classroom Outside