Reynolds Auditorium Support

It is our goal to facilitate the success of your event. If you have questions about whether or not it would be best to have full support for an event, please contact Ava Cecil using the link above. If you don't request support prior to the event and need emergency support for the event, support from the library may not be available. OIT may be contacted but will only be able to provide support with the TEC podium and projector use.

Notes on auditorium use and support:

  • Technician will be there at the appropriate time to begin setup. If client and/or speaker doesn't arrive until 10 minutes before event starts there may not be sufficient time to setup and test media including PowerPoint presentations. We understand that sometimes this cannot be avoided but please be aware of the setup necessary upon arriving in the library.
  • The library is not responsible to provide water for speaker(s). The closest source of water is a drinking fountain located by the North elevators but the library does not have cups available. Please plan ahead.
  • The auditorium podium is a standard OIT TEC podium and accepts an external VGA and HDMI connection from a laptop. Many laptops require special adapters to output video. Make sure to have the necessary adapters to have a VGA or HDMI output from a laptop or use the podium computer.
  • Only authorized library employees are allowed behind the sound board in the sound booth or in the projection booth. The sound booth area CANNOT be used as seating overflow or seating for visitors or employees with disabilities.
  • The maximum capacity of the auditorium is 200. Please keep this in mind if an event is expected to be well attended. Exceeding the maximum room capacity and/or patrons sitting in the ramped walkways or doorways violates the fire code. Event organizers may be asked to interrupt an event to address issues in order to comply with the fire code.
Support Type Price Description
Setup Only No Charge

30 minutes prior to scheduled event, technician will help familiarize you with the OIT tech podium (including PowerPoint, Internet, use of disc media and/or digital files), podium microphone controls, and basic lighting controls at the podium. Technician will stay in auditorium until event starts.

This service must be requested at the time of scheduling. If support is needed that has not been scheduled, we reserve the right to bill you for emergency support.

Full Event Support

$20 per hour (1 hour minimum) per technician

(For most events only one technician is required. There will be no charge if you choose to use the campus standard OIT tech podium on your own.)

Includes everything listed above, and in addition the technician can set up and monitor additional wired and wireless microphones (including LAV and panel microphone setups), queue and play disc media, and control lighting. This level of support is also required for a microphone audio line out (two separate feeds available) for media. Technician will stay the duration of the event.

Note: This type of support is required if any microphones other than the podium are used. An all day event with technical support is billed at an hourly rate. Emergency support is also billed at this rate.

Recorded Video Programs

PLEASE NOTE: As of August 2017 we are no longer offering a physical disc as a method for recorded event delivery. Recorded events will be either picked up as a large unedited ProRes video file or delivered electronically as an edited downloadable file in MP4 format. More details can be found below.

Need to capture a lecture from a visiting scholar or from a department lecturer? We have broadcast quality recording services available in the auditorium. For any recording, a signed speaker release form must be sent into the Production Unit at least 24 hours after the event. When presentation slides are to be edited into the final video, a copyright release must also be signed and sent in. More details on this as well as a link to the form can be found further below.

There are two options for recording an event, each with unique specifications. All events are recorded in 720p with mono audio feeds from any mics used. The different levels of recording and post-production editing are described below:

Support Type Price Description
Raw Recording
  • No editing
  • No graphics added
  • No PowerPoint integration

Event is recorded using two cameras. Event setup is included and begins 1 hour before start of event. A technician will be available to assist with the setup of PowerPoint and general auditorium orientation. Recorded event footage can be picked up as a raw ProRes QuickTime file immediately following the event on a hard drive (file will be 80GB/hour recorded). This option does NOT include any editing, including integrating PowerPoint slides into the video. The speaker(s) may use a PowerPoint but, if this option is selected, the PowerPoint will not be included in the final product recording.


Edited Recording
  • Intro graphic added
  • Lower Thirds added
  • PowerPoint integration available
  • Downloadable delivery
+$50/40 slides

Event is recorded using two cameras. Event setup is included and begins 1 hour before start of event. A technician will be available to assist with the setup of PowerPoint and general auditorium orientation. Recording will be edited and an intro graphic (lecture title, speaker, date, etc.) and lower thirds (identifies current person on screen) will be added. This information must be included in your reservation or delivery of the edited video will be delayed (SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS).

In addition, presentation slides such as PowerPoint or Keynote can be edited into the recording. There is a cost of $50 for every 40 slides added onto the initial per hour price of recording (e.g., a one-hour lecture with 80 slides would be $250).


Delivery Information

In order to provide the highest quality possible with the fasted delivery time recorded programs require additional information from the person or department making the reservation depending on the recording option selected. This information will need to be included with your final reservation confirmation in writing and will include:

  • Raw Recording: Immediately after the end of an event, the raw file is available to be picked up (transfer to a campus server is also possible if connection information is included in your reservation). These files are quite big, at 80GB/hour. They take about 12 minutes per hour recorded to transfer to a hard drive, depending on the speed of the hard drive. Technically speaking, the files are broadcast-quality QuickTime files encoded in ProRes 422 at 165Mbps in 720p at 59.96 frames per second. If the file cannot be picked up immediately after the end of the event, then it can be retrieved by arranging a time to drop off a hard drive at the Production Unit’s office (801-422-2300) for later pick-up.
  • MP4 Download: The edited recording should be available roughly one week after it is recorded. (Holidays, finals, and the number of slides to be edited in, if that option is chosen, may affect this delivery timeline.) The file will be delivered via an emailed download link. This link can then be forwarded on if other people need/want a copy. The download will be available for 90 days after the email is sent. These files are encoded at 5Mbps in 720p at 29.976 frames per second, perfect for uploading to YouTube or Vimeo (about 2.25GB/hour in size).

Accounts will be charged upon delivery and an email will also be sent with a receipt for the production charges.

Speaker Release and Copyright

A signed release for the speaker must be received by Ava Cecil before the event, handed to the student technician at the time of the event, or emailed 24 hours after the conclusion of the event to the Production Unit ( No video file can be delivered until this has been signed and received, and no editing can start either.

If you've chosen the option to integrate presentation slides (e.g., PowerPoint, Keynote) with the edited video, the Copyright Release section of the document linked to above must also be filled out, signed, and sent to the Production Unit. Any images, video clips, or sound clips that are to be integrated need to have copyright permission to do so. This may involve contacting third parties for permission and the early planning needed to do so. Editing of the recording cannot be delayed while waiting for copyright to be granted.

Notes on Event Recordings

  • For all ‘Edited Recording’ events, the following is needed BEFORE the event date, as it will be edited into the video. Exact spelling will be taken from this information.
    • Series title or sponsoring department or campus entity
    • Lecture or concert title (usually comes from the speaker or performer)
    • Speaker/performer's name
    • Speaker/performer's title
    • Introducer's name (the person introducing the speaker or performer)
    • Introducer's title
  • Sometimes the speaker may decline to give us a copy of their presentation slides at the event. If that happens, the final video will not include the slides.
  • Every effort will be made to insert presentation slides as close to where they actually appeared in the live event. However, timing and final placement will be up to the editor of the video.
  • If the option to include presentation slides is selected but at the event the slides are not used, there will be no additional charge.

If presentation slides are to be added in, they will appear as static images once edited in. Animations will not be in edited in.



For more information contact:

Ava Cecil, Auditorium Scheduling Coordinator

Production Unit, Event Support and Production