What is an M-Disc? Why would I want to use one? What could I use it for?

About M-Disc (Millenniata Disc)

It is a specific type of DVD.

It is excellent for archiving precious digital data such as family histories and photo albums.

It can hold files of any type & can be an exact copy of a pre-existing DVD.

M-Disc can be read on any computer which can read a DVD.

M-Discs are presumed to last 1,000 years whereas a normal DVD is only rated to last about 7-10 years before possibly degrading.  The difference between the two and what makes M-Discs special, is the data-containing part of the disc is made with a ceramic instead of a biodegrading polymer (plastic).  A specific type of DVD burner is required to create M-discs. The Religion/Family History Department in the library has two burners.  Religion/Family History also has M-Discs available for $3.60 per disc. Patrons are encouraged to bring their own discs when numerous discs will be needed for large projects.

For more information, see: https://lib.byu.edu/religion-family-history/.

Contact Information:

Family History/Religion Reference Desk:  (801)-422-6200

Missionary Coordinators:  (801)-422-3766                                  

Missionary Consultant Desk:  (801)-422-3934

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