What is Bloomberg and how can I get the Bloomberg certification?

Market professionals around the world depend on Bloomberg as their source for real-time market data and news for all market sectors. Bloomberg seamlessly integrates data, news, analytics, multimedia reports, e-mail, and trading capabilities into a single platform. Watch a short video introduction here.

The library's Bloomberg terminal is accessible whenever the library building is open (see library hours). It is located behind the Social Science Help Desk on Level 1 (map). Students and faculty can reserve the terminal here. Those with reservations to use the terminal have priority over users without a reservation.

You may only reserve the terminal for one consecutive hour. If, after that time, another person has not reserved the terminal or arrived to use it, you may continue to use it, though you must give up your seat if someone does reserve it.  You can reserve the terminal for more than one hour per day, but please cancel your reservations if you will not be using them.

Bloomberg has a training course that will prepare you to use the terminal. To receive the certification, you must take and pass with 75% or better a core exam as well as market sector exams. To access this training, create your own Bloomberg account by following the steps in the Bloomberg Guide.  

If you have more questions, please stop by the Social Sciences Help Desk on Level 1 or contact the Finance Librarian.


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