What software is available on computers in the Music/Dance Mac Lab?

The Music/Dance MAC lab on  Level 4 Central  (to the left of the Music/Dance Directional Sign) has five MAC computers with specialized music programs and the ability to create midi files.

These MACS have the following programs:

Audacity                  Kontakt             Sibelius   

Finale                      LogicPro 

Garage Band           ProTools   


Each computer also has a keyboard which can be programmed to many instruments.

For voice recording use the Sound Booths at the Equipment Room on Level 4 South.


Music/Dance Help Desk  (801) 422 1725 or music_reference@byu.edu 

Music/Dance Subject Librarian - Myrna Layton  (801) 422 4334 or myrna_layton@byu.edu


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