Is it permissible for the general public to look things up at the Library? Or is it only open to BYU students and faculty?

Everyone is welcome to come to the Library and use many of our resources while in the Library. For more information, see: .

  • You may read books from the collections on all levels or read magazines and journal articles in the Reading Room on Level 2.
  • You may also ask for a Guest Login at the General Help Desk on Level 3. 
  • A Guest Login will allow you to use most online Library resources while in the building using a Library computer.
  • You are also welcome to use Family History Resources on Level 2 and view items housed in our Special Collections Department on Level 1 after filling out an initial registration form. 
  •  The Library also has special exhibits and events such as documentary and full length film viewings and special presentations in the auditorium.  The weekly schedule will be found online on our "Library Events" page

If you are interested in checking out books, you might want to read about becoming a Friend of the Library.  All the details are available online at


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