About Library Exhibits

The mission of the Harold B. Lee Library exhibit program complements the mission of BYU. All exhibits “assist individuals in their quest for perfection…[in that they] make their own contribution toward the balanced development of the total person.” Exhibits are a wonderful part of the educational process. They not only teach, but they help the viewer tangibly and intellectually connect with the past.

Exhibits in the Harold B. Lee Library most frequently feature materials from the L. Tom Perry Special Collections. This vast and diverse repository includes books and manuscripts from ancient Egypt and other civilizations of antiquity, from Meso-America and the modern Americas, from the monasteries of the medieval mind, from the Renaissance at the dawning of European printing, from Victorian England, and from the great American West. Hundreds of thousands of photographs provide an additional glimpse into history. Exhibits also highlight the more contemporary collections of the Harold B. Lee Library, increasing awareness and accessibility to subjects ranging from art to science.