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House of Learning Lecture Series

The House of Learning Lecture series’ title is taken from the 88th Section of the Doctrine and Covenants, verse 119, where the Lord instructs the Saints to prepare every needful thing, even a house of learning. Because it is the campus repository for the literature of all academic disciplines and scholarship, the Library is well positioned to be considered BYU’s House of Learning. The Harold B. Lee Library takes seriously its campus role as the intellectual heart of inquiry and knowledge, and is honored to provide the House of Learning Lecture series.

Season 3


Why Lewis and Clark Mattered Then and Why They Matter Now

D. Jay Buckley


Season 4


Wheels, Windmills & Webs: Don Quixote's Library and the History of Reading

Dale Pratt

Sept 8, 2005


Life on a Tricycle: Social Challenges of Children with Language Impairment

Bonnie Brinton

Oct 6, 2005


The Arsonist as Revolutionary: “John the Painter” and the War of American Independence

Neil York

Oct 13, 2005


What's BYU Doing Making Cartoons?: A Brief History of Computer Generated Animation at BYU

Brent Adams

Nov 3, 2005


An Enduring Legacy: Richard L. Evans and "The Spoken Word"

Lloyd Newell

Nov 10, 2005


Remembering Joseph Smith, Jr. : 1805-2005

David Whittaker

Dec 8, 2005


Huge Windy Nebula: the Unique Scholarship of Hugh Winder Nibley

Gary Gillum

Jan 12, 2006


Atom Interferometry: Splitting and Recombining Atom Waves

Dallin Durfee

Jan 26, 2006


Of Cell Phones, Blogs, and Books: Social Interactions and Our Sense of Being Literate

Janet Young

Feb 16, 2006


A Civilized Account of Savage Thought: How do ‘Natives’ Think?

David Crandall

Mar 2, 2006


The Moral Universe of Martial Arts Cinema

Steven Riep

Mar 9, 2006


Inventing Politics: How The Earliest Puritans Created Grassroots Activism

Richard Deurden

Apr 6, 2006