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  1. Rachel Wadham

    Education and Juvenile Collections Librarian and Cataloging and Metadata Department Interim Chair,Senior Librarian —Cataloging & Metadata,Social Sciences
    Subjects:Early Childhood Education,Education,Juvenile Literature

  2. Brian Wages

    History, Political Science, Government,Assistant Librarian —Social Sciences
    Subjects:African Studies,American Literature,American Studies,History (American, British, General),International Relations,Marketing,Native American Studies,Political Science

  3. Rebecca Walton

    Acquisitions and Collection Analysis Librarian,Assistant Librarian —Acquisitions

  4. Sadie Webster

    Electronic Resource Specialist —Acquisitions,Serials

  5. Jenny Wheeler

    Executive Assistant —Library Administrative Offices (LAO)

  6. Michael Whitchurch

    OER and Media Literacy Librarian,Senior Librarian —Instruction

  7. Coreena White

    Collection Management Supervisor General Collections —Collections Care

  8. Becca Wiederhold

    Archival Processing Section Head - Technical Services Archivist,Assistant Librarian —Archival Processing Section,Cataloging & Metadata

  9. Duane Wilson

    User Experience Specialist —Assessment & Usability

  10. Kate Windsor

    Special Collections Admin Asst —Special Collections

  11. Kurt Winkler

    Literature and Humanities Cataloging Specialist —Cataloging & Metadata

  12. Jamie Wiser

    Archival Processing Specialist —Archival Processing Section,Cataloging & Metadata

  13. Angie Workman

    Receiving Supervisor and Copy Cataloger —Acquisitions,Monographs

  14. John Wright

    Romance Languages Catalog Librarian,Senior Librarian —Cataloging & Metadata