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  1. Winn Madsen

    Senior Software Engineer —Information Technology (IT),Software Engineering

  2. Brittany Maloy

    First-Year Programs & RWC Supervisor —Instruction,Research & Writing Center

  3. Maggie Marchant

    Economics, Finance, and Social Sciences Data Librarian,Assistant Librarian —Social Sciences

  4. Rachel Maxwell

    Cataloging Specialist —Cataloging & Metadata

  5. Robert Maxwell

    Special Collections and Ancient Languages Catalog Librarian,Senior Librarian —Cataloging & Metadata
    Subjects:Classical Studies

  6. Christopher McAfee

    Head Conservator of Rare Books and Manuscripts —Collections Care

  7. Robert Means

    English Language and Literature Librarian,Senior Librarian —Humanities
    Subjects:American Literature,British Literature,Comparative Literature,English,Folklore

  8. Alyssa Meldrum

    Search and Delivery Team Supervisor —Collections Access,Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and Document Delivery

  9. Lindsey Memory

    Digital Initiatives Dept. Head - Digital Content Manager —Digital Initiatives

  10. Russell Memory

    Software Engineer —Information Technology (IT),Software Engineering

  11. Valerie Mendoza

    Request & Process Supervisor —Collections Access,Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and Document Delivery

  12. Roni Miller

    Collections Management Assistant for Auxiliary Collections —Collections Care

  13. Isabelle Moats

    Science Reference Specialist and Department Assistant —Science & Engineering

  14. Ernie Monroe

    IT Help Desk Supervisor —Information Technology (IT),IT Operations

  15. John Murphy

    Curator - 19th - 20th Century Latter Day Saint Movements & Western Americana Manuscripts,Associate Librarian —Special Collections
    Subjects:19th and 20th Century Latter Day Saints and Western America,History, Utah,Local History

  16. Christine Musick

    Assistant Controller —Business Office,Library Administrative Offices (LAO)

  17. Jeremy Myntti

    Associate University Librarian for Metadata & IT Services —Library Administrative Offices (LAO)