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  1. Lety Camacho

    Social Sciences Department Chair - Management and Accounting Librarian, Senior Librarian — Social Sciences
    Subjects: Accounting, Information Systems, Organizational Leadership & Strategy, Public Management

  2. Ava Cecil

    LAO Administrative Assistant — Library Administrative Offices (LAO)

  3. Erminia Chao

    Asian Area Studies and Media Catalog Librarian, Senior Librarian — Cataloging & Metadata

  4. Hannah Chapman

    Coll Mgmt Asst for Spec Coll — Collections Care

  5. Mary Chapman

    Humanities Reference Specialist — Humanities

  6. Jessie Christensen

    Central American and South American Area Studies and Romance Languages Catalog Librarian, Assistant Librarian — Cataloging & Metadata

  7. Kjerste Christensen

    21st Century Mormonism and Western Americana Catalog Librarian, Associate Librarian — Cataloging & Metadata

  8. Katie Clark

    19th and 20th Century Latter-Day Saint and Americana Catalog, Assistant Librarian — Cataloging & Metadata
    Subjects: 19th and 20th Century Latter-Day Saint and America

  9. Amanda Crandall

    Manuscripts Processing Specialist — Archival Processing Section, Cataloging & Metadata