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16 results for last_name:b*

  1. Tiffany Bainter

    Monograph Acquisitions Specialist I —Acquisitions,Monographs,Serials

  2. Carol Barksdale

    Social Science / Science Cataloging Specialist —Cataloging & Metadata

  3. Abby Beazer

    Digital Initiatives Technical Specialist —Digital Initiatives

  4. Mathew Behling

    Senior Software Engineer —Information Technology (IT),Software Engineering

  5. Cassandra Belliston

    Art and Design Librarian,Assistant Librarian —Humanities
    Subjects:Animation (Design/Art),Art and Design,Art History,Graphic Design,Illustration,Photography,Visual Arts

  6. Jeff Belliston

    Senior Associate University Librarian; Associate University Librarian for Administrative Services,Senior Librarian —Library Administrative Offices (LAO)

  7. Victoria Birth

    Conservator —Collections Care

  8. Marissa Bischoff

    Digital Imaging Workflow Supervisor —Digital Initiatives

  9. Garrett Boden

    Software Training Manager —Instruction
    Subjects:Software program Training

  10. Cindy Brightenburg

    Special Collections Reference Assistant —Special Collections

  11. Liz Brimley

    Monograph Accounts Supervisor and Copy Cataloger —Acquisitions,Monographs

  12. Dan Broadbent

    Physical & Computer Sciences Librarian,Assistant Librarian —Science & Engineering
    Subjects:Animation (Technical/Computer),Computer Engineering,Computer Science,Electrical Engineering,Information Technology,Physics/Astronomy

  13. David Brownell

    Server and Storage Systems Engineer —Information Technology (IT),IT Operations

  14. Valerie Buck

    Rare Anglo American Literature Catalog Librarian,Associate Librarian —Cataloging & Metadata

  15. Janice Bunker

    Music and Dance Cataloging,Assistant Librarian —Cataloging & Metadata

  16. Kellie Busath

    Fourth Floor Reference Specialist —Humanities