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17 results for last_name:b*

  1. Tiffany Bainter

    Monograph Acquisitions Specialist I — Acquisitions, Monographs, Serials

  2. Carol Barksdale

    Social Science / Science Cataloging Specialist — Cataloging & Metadata

  3. Abby Beazer

    Digital Initiatives Technical Specialist — Digital Initiatives

  4. Mathew Behling

    Senior Software Engineer — Information Technology (IT), Software Engineering

  5. Cassandra Belliston

    Art and Design Librarian — Humanities
    Subjects: Animation (Design/Art), Art and Design, Art History, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, Visual Arts

  6. Jeff Belliston

    Senior Associate University Librarian; Associate University Librarian for Administrative Services — Library Administrative Offices (LAO)

  7. Victoria Birth

    Conservator — Collections Care

  8. Marissa Bischoff

    Digital Imaging Lab Manager — Digital Initiatives

  9. Garrett Boden

    Software Training Manager — Instruction
    Subjects: Software program Training

  10. Cindy Brightenburg

    Special Collections Reference Assistant — Special Collections

  11. Liz Brimley

    Monograph Accounts Supervisor and Copy Cataloger — Acquisitions, Monographs

  12. Dan Broadbent

    Physical & Computer Sciences Librarian — Science & Engineering
    Subjects: Animation (Technical/Computer), Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Physics/Astronomy

  13. David Brownell

    Server and Storage Systems Engineer — Information Technology (IT), IT Operations

  14. Valerie Buck

    Rare Anglo American Literature Catalog Librarian — Cataloging & Metadata

  15. Bethany Budge

    Latter Day Saint Collection Assistant — Special Collections

  16. Janice Bunker

    Music and Dance Cataloging Librarian — Cataloging & Metadata

  17. Kellie Busath

    Fourth Floor Reference Specialist — Humanities