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  1. Karen Abbott

    Course Reserve & Document Delivery Supervisor — Circulation, Collections Access, Course Reserve

  2. Selma Alexandre

    Romance Languages Cataloging Specialist — Cataloging & Metadata

  3. Trevor Alvord

    Curator - 21st Century Latter Day Saint Movements & Western Americana, and Illustration — Special Collections
    Subjects: 21st Century Latter Day Saints and Western Americana

  4. Ellen Amatangelo

    Scholarly Communications Coordinator — Digital Initiatives, Scholarly Publishing

  5. Ryan Amy

    IT Director; Manager of IT Operations — Information Technology (IT), IT Operations

  6. Rick Anderson

    University Librarian — Library Administrative Offices (LAO)

  7. Matt Armstrong

    Experiential Studio and Online Learning Supervisor — Instruction

  8. Allen Arnoldsen

    Library Controller — Business Office, Library Administrative Offices (LAO)

  9. Anne Ashton

    Archival Processor — Archival Processing Section, Cataloging & Metadata

  10. Tiffany Bainter

    Monograph Acquisitions Specialist I — Acquisitions, Monographs, Serials

  11. Carol Barksdale

    Social Science / Science Cataloging Specialist — Cataloging & Metadata

  12. Abby Beazer

    Digital Initiatives Technical Specialist — Digital Initiatives

  13. Mathew Behling

    Senior Software Engineer — Information Technology (IT), Software Engineering

  14. Cassandra Belliston

    Art and Design Librarian — Humanities
    Subjects: Animation (Design/Art), Art and Design, Art History, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, Visual Arts

  15. Jeff Belliston

    Senior Associate University Librarian; Associate University Librarian for Administrative Services — Library Administrative Offices (LAO)

  16. Victoria Birth

    Conservator — Collections Care

  17. Marissa Bischoff

    Digital Imaging Lab Manager — Digital Initiatives

  18. Garrett Boden

    Software Training Manager — Instruction
    Subjects: Software program Training

  19. Cindy Brightenburg

    Special Collections Reference Assistant — Special Collections

  20. Liz Brimley

    Monograph Accounts Supervisor and Copy Cataloger — Acquisitions, Monographs

  21. Dan Broadbent

    Physical & Computer Sciences Librarian — Science & Engineering
    Subjects: Animation (Technical/Computer), Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Physics/Astronomy

  22. David Brownell

    Server and Storage Systems Engineer — Information Technology (IT), IT Operations

  23. Valerie Buck

    Rare Anglo American Literature Catalog Librarian — Cataloging & Metadata

  24. Bethany Budge

    Latter Day Saint Collection Assistant — Special Collections

  25. Janice Bunker

    Music and Dance Cataloging Librarian — Cataloging & Metadata

  26. Kellie Busath

    Fourth Floor Reference Specialist — Humanities

  27. Lety Camacho

    Social Sciences Department Chair - Management and Accounting Librarian — Social Sciences
    Subjects: Accounting, Information Systems, Organizational Leadership & Strategy, Public Management

  28. Ava Cecil

    LAO Administrative Assistant — Library Administrative Offices (LAO)

  29. Erminia Chao

    Asian Area Studies and Media Catalog Librarian — Cataloging & Metadata

  30. Hannah Chapman

    Collection Management Assistant for Special Collections — Collections Care

  31. Mary Chapman

    Humanities Reference Specialist — Humanities

  32. Jessie Christensen

    Romance Languages Catalog Librarian — Cataloging & Metadata

  33. Kjerste Christensen

    21st Century Mormonism and Western Americana Catalog Librarian — Cataloging & Metadata

  34. Amanda Crandall

    Archival Processor — Archival Processing Section, Cataloging & Metadata

  35. Gordon Daines

    Research and Instruction Services Archivist Yellowstone National Park Collection Curator — Special Collections
    Subjects: Yellowstone National Park

  36. Timothy Davis

    Asian Studies Librarian — Humanities
    Subjects: Asian Studies, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian Language/Literature

  37. David Day

    Curator - Music Special Collections — Special Collections
    Subjects: Music Special Collections

  38. Charles Draper

    Software Engineering Manager — Information Technology (IT), Software Engineering

  39. Brent Ellingson

    IT Product Manager — Information Technology (IT)

  40. Joe Everett

    Family History, Local History, and Microforms Librarian — Religion & Family History, Social Sciences
    Subjects: Family History/Genealogy, History (Family & Genealogy), History, Utah, Local History

  41. Michelle Forstrom

    Human Resources Manager — Human Resources/Training, Library Administrative Offices (LAO)

  42. Pat Frade

    21st Century Mormonism and Western Americana Catalog Librarian — Cataloging & Metadata

  43. Meg Frost

    Life Sciences and Communications Disorders Librarian — Science & Engineering
    Subjects: Athletic Training, Biophysics, Communication Disorders, Dietetics, Exercise Science, Experience Design & Management, Food Science, Medicine, Nutritional Science, Physical Education/Coaching, Physiology/Developmental Biology, Sports Medicine, Therapeutic Recreation & Management

  44. Leanna Fry

    Instruction Department Chair; Instructional Design Librarian — Instruction
    Subjects: Library/Information Science

  45. Quinn Galbraith

    Sociology, Family Sciences, and Social Work Librarian — Social Sciences
    Subjects: Family Life, Marriage, Family, and Human Development, Social Work, Sociology

  46. Michael Gates

    Digital Preservation Specialist — Digital Initiatives

  47. Kristie Gerber

    Serials Processing Specialist — Acquisitions, Serials

  48. Jared Gibson

    Senior Software Engineer — Information Technology (IT), Software Engineering

  49. Karen Glenn

    Archival Processing Librarian — Archival Processing Section, Cataloging & Metadata

  50. Mike Goates

    Science & Engineering Department Chair, Life Sciences Librarian — Science & Engineering
    Subjects: Bioinformatics, Biology, Biology 100, Geology, Health Science, Plant and Wildlife Sciences, Public Health, Wildlife & Wildlife Conservation

  51. Teresa Gomez

    Geospatial Data, Analysis, and Technology Specialist — Science & Engineering

  52. Adam Griggs

    European Studies-German-French-Italian, Linguistics Librarian — Humanities
    Subjects: American Sign Language (ASL), European Studies, French & Italian Studies, German Studies, Linguistics, Scandinavian Studies, TESOL

  53. Bethany Gustafson

    Archival Processor — Archival Processing Section, Cataloging & Metadata

  54. Jamie Hansen

    Psychology Librarian — Social Sciences
    Subjects: Counseling Psychology, Instructional Psychology and Technology, Psychology

  55. Kimberly Hao

    Serials Section Head - Serials Supervisor — Acquisitions, Serials

  56. Ben Harry

    Media Arts History and Audiovisual Materials Archivist — Special Collections
    Subjects: Film, Media Arts

  57. Stacey Hatch

    Library Instruction Specialist — Instruction

  58. Trevan Hatch

    Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Ancient Scripture, Anthropology, Middle East Studies, Religious Studies, Jerusalem Center Librarian — Religion & Family History, Social Sciences
    Subjects: Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Anthropology, Middle East Studies, Mormon Americana, Museum Studies, Religion (except for Latter Day Saints)

  59. Jeana Haymond

    Collections Management Supervisor for Special Collections — Collections Care

  60. Rachel Helps

    Coordinator of Wikipedia Initiatives — Communications and PR

  61. Jeffery Hill

    Library Information Systems Section Head - Manager of Library Information Systems — Information Technology (IT), Library Information Systems

  62. Matt Hill

    Latin American and Iberian Area Studies Librarian — Humanities
    Subjects: Latin American Studies

  63. Mike Hill

    Media Production Services Manager — Instruction

  64. Betsy Hopkins

    Nursing Librarian — Science & Engineering
    Subjects: Nursing

  65. Eric Howard

    Exhibits Manager — Communications and PR

  66. Jared Howland

    Collection Development Coordinator — Collection Development

  67. Emily Hreha

    Auxiliary Collections Supervisor — Collections Care

  68. Brendan Huber

    Endpoint Engineer — Information Technology (IT), IT Operations

  69. Mike Hunter

    Associate University Librarian for Research and Learning — Library Administrative Offices (LAO)

  70. Mark Jackson

    Geospatial Science & Technology Librarian — Science & Engineering
    Subjects: Facilities & Property Management, Geographic Information Systems, Geography, Geospatial Technology, Maps & Gazetteers

  71. Justin Johnson

    Collections Access Department Head - Patron Support Librarian — Collections Access

  72. Jed Johnston

    Makerspace Manager — Instruction

  73. Jenne Jones

    Assistant Facilities Manager / Project Manager — Facilities Management, Receiving

  74. Suzanne Julian

    Information Literacy Librarian — Instruction, Research & Writing Center

  75. Maggie Kopp

    Curator - Rare Book Collections — Special Collections
    Subjects: British Literature, European Studies, History of Printing/Manuscripts, Rare Books

  76. Susanne Lay

    Special Collections Cataloging Specialist — Cataloging & Metadata

  77. Myrna Layton

    Humanities Department Chair - Performing Arts Librarian — Humanities
    Subjects: Dance, Music Education, Musicology/Theory/Composition, Music Performance, Theatre Arts

  78. Roger Layton

    Communications / PR Manager — Communications and PR

  79. Cindy Ledingham

    Social Sciences Reference Specialist — Social Sciences

  80. Ryan Lee

    Accessioning Archivist — Special Collections

  81. Nicole Lewis

    Digital Metadata Librarian — Cataloging & Metadata

  82. Jeff Lyon

    Music Catalog Librarian — Cataloging & Metadata

  83. Brittany Maloy

    First-Year Programs & RWC Supervisor — Instruction, Research & Writing Center

  84. Maggie Marchant

    Economics, Finance, and Social Sciences Data Librarian — Social Sciences
    Subjects: Economics, Finance

  85. Rachel Maxwell

    Cataloging Specialist — Cataloging & Metadata

  86. Robert Maxwell

    Special Collections and Ancient Languages Catalog Librarian — Cataloging & Metadata
    Subjects: Classical Studies

  87. Christopher McAfee

    Head Conservator of Rare Books and Manuscripts — Collections Care

  88. Robert Means

    English Language and Literature Librarian — Humanities
    Subjects: American Literature, British Literature, Comparative Literature, English, Folklore

  89. Alyssa Meldrum

    Search and Delivery Team Supervisor — Collections Access, Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and Document Delivery

  90. Lindsey Memory

    Digital Initiatives Dept. Head - Digital Content Manager — Digital Initiatives

  91. Russell Memory

    Software Engineer — Information Technology (IT), Software Engineering

  92. Valerie Mendoza

    Request & Process Supervisor — Collections Access, Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and Document Delivery

  93. Roni Miller

    Collections Management Assistant for Auxiliary Collections — Collections Care

  94. Isabelle Moats

    Science Reference Specialist and Department Assistant — Science & Engineering

  95. Ernie Monroe

    IT Help Desk Supervisor — Information Technology (IT), IT Operations

  96. Anne Moss

    Acquisitions Processing Assistant — Acquisitions

  97. John Murphy

    Curator - 19th - 20th Century Latter Day Saint Movements & Western Americana Manuscripts — Special Collections
    Subjects: 19th and 20th Century Latter Day Saints and Western America, History, Utah, Local History

  98. Christine Musick

    Assistant Controller — Business Office, Library Administrative Offices (LAO)

  99. Jeremy Myntti

    Associate University Librarian for Metadata & IT Services — Library Administrative Offices (LAO)

  100. Greg Nelson

    Science and Engineering Chemical and Life Sciences Librarian — Science & Engineering
    Subjects: Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Genetics & Biotechnology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Physiology/Developmental Biology

  101. Michael Newell

    Monographs Section Manager — Acquisitions

  102. Cory Nimer

    Archivist - University Archives — Special Collections
    Subjects: Brigham Young University History, University Archives

  103. Randy O'Hara

    University Security — BYU Security

  104. Barbie Osorio DeSoto

    User Experience Designer — Information Technology (IT), User Experience

  105. Kathryn Ottosson

    Reference and Circulation Supervisor — Circulation, Collections Access

  106. Karin Patrick

    Instruction Dept Assistant — Instruction

  107. Taylor Payne

    Principal Software Engineer — Information Technology (IT), Software Engineering

  108. Heather Peavler

    Return and Resolve Team Supervisor — Collections Access

  109. Toni Pilcher

    Writing Programs Supervisor — Instruction, Research & Writing Center

  110. David Pixton

    Engineering and Technology Librarian — Science & Engineering
    Subjects: Civil & Environmental Engineering, Industrial Design, Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Technology and Engineering Studies

  111. Milan Pohontsch

    Germanic and European Languages Cataloging Specialist — Cataloging & Metadata

  112. Sharolynn Pyeatt

    Bibliographic Management — Cataloging & Metadata

  113. Elizabeth Rane

    Electronic Serials Assistant — Acquisitions, Serials

  114. Elysha Resendes

    Human Resources and Training/Development Coordinator — Human Resources/Training

  115. Lisa Reynolds

    Collections Access Department Assistant — Collections Access

  116. David Rice

    Senior Software Engineer — Information Technology (IT), Library Information Systems

  117. Lee Richards

    Senior Software Engineer — Information Technology (IT), Library Information Systems

  118. Paul Robbins

    Mathematical Sciences, Statistics, and Construction Management Librarian — Science & Engineering
    Subjects: Construction Management, Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Statistics

  119. Peggy Robertson

    Juvenile Literature Cataloging Specialist — Cataloging & Metadata

  120. Jon Rodriguez

    Application Engineer — Information Technology (IT)

  121. Shannon Sanders

    Reference and Circulation Manager — Circulation, Collections Access

  122. Jennifer Schill

    Religion/Family Reference Supervisor — Religion & Family History, Social Sciences

  123. Heather Seferovich

    Education in Zion Exhibit Educator/Curator — Education in Zion

  124. Greg Seppi

    Curator - 19th and 20th Century Americana Collection — Special Collections
    Subjects: 19th and 20th Century Latter Day Saints and Western America, History, Utah, Local History, Mormon Americana

  125. Paulee Shakespear

    Archives Specialist — Special Collections
    Subjects: Folklore

  126. Dainan Skeem

    Special Collections Department Chair; Curator - 21st Century Manuscripts — Special Collections
    Subjects: 21st Century Latter Day Saints and Western Americana

  127. Elizabeth Smart

    Humanities, Media Arts, News Media, & Women's Studies Librarian — Humanities
    Subjects: Advertising, Communications, Film, Global Women’s Studies, Humanities, Media Arts, News Media, Photography, Public Relations, Theatre Arts

  128. Ezra Smith

    Monographs Acquisition Specialist I — Acquisitions

  129. Kat Smith

    User Experience Designer — Information Technology (IT), User Experience

  130. Andy Spackman

    Associate University Librarian for Collection Services — Library Administrative Offices (LAO)

  131. Colette Stephan

    Metadata & IT Division Assistant — Cataloging & Metadata, Information Technology (IT)

  132. Casey Strong

    Software Engineer — Information Technology (IT), Software Engineering

  133. Sharolyn Swenson

    Continuing Resources Catalog Librarian — Cataloging & Metadata

  134. Christina Thomas

    Conservator — Collections Care

  135. Paul Thorsen

    Senior Software Engineer — Information Technology (IT), Software Engineering

  136. Tyler Thorsted

    Digital Preservation Manager — Digital Initiatives

  137. Elizabeth Tobiasson

    Authorities Specialist — Cataloging & Metadata

  138. Nick Totten

    Electronic Resources Cataloging Specialist — Cataloging & Metadata

  139. LuAnn Troxel

    Serials Record Control Supervisor — Acquisitions, Serials

  140. Jessica Tuwun

    Management, Marketing, and Experience Design Librarian — Social Sciences
    Subjects: Experience Design & Management, Marketing

  141. Gerrit van Dyk

    Philosophy and Church History & Doctrine Librarian — Religion & Family History, Social Sciences
    Subjects: LDS History & Doctrine, Mormon History & Doctrine, Philosophy

  142. Rachel Wadham

    Education and Juvenile Collections Librarian and Cataloging and Metadata Department Interim Chair — Cataloging & Metadata, Social Sciences
    Subjects: Early Childhood Education, Education, Juvenile Literature

  143. Brian Wages

    History, Political Science, Government Librarian — Social Sciences
    Subjects: African Studies, American Literature, American Studies, History (American, British, General), International Relations, Marketing, Native American Studies, Political Science

  144. Rebecca Walton

    Acquisitions and Collection Analysis Librarian — Acquisitions

  145. Sadie Webster

    Electronic Resource Specialist — Acquisitions, Serials

  146. Jenny Wheeler

    Administrative Assistant to the University Librarian — Library Administrative Offices (LAO)

  147. Michael Whitchurch

    OER and Media Literacy Librarian — Instruction

  148. Coreena White

    Collection Management Supervisor General Collections — Collections Care

  149. Becca Wiederhold

    Archival Processing Section Head - Technical Services Archivist — Archival Processing Section, Cataloging & Metadata

  150. Duane Wilson

    User Experience Specialist — Assessment & Usability

  151. Kate Windsor

    Special Collections Department Assistant — Special Collections

  152. Kurt Winkler

    Literature and Humanities Cataloging Specialist — Cataloging & Metadata

  153. Jamie Wiser

    Archival Processor — Archival Processing Section, Cataloging & Metadata

  154. Angie Workman

    Receiving Supervisor and Copy Cataloger — Acquisitions, Monographs

  155. Katie Yeo

    19th and 20th Century Latter-Day Saint and Americana Catalog Librarian — Cataloging & Metadata

  156. Holt Zaugg

    Assessment Librarian — Assessment & Usability