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  1. Karen Abbott

    Course Reserve & Document Delivery Supervisor —Circulation,Collections Access,Course Reserve

  2. Selma Alexandre

    Romance Languages Cataloging Specialist —Cataloging & Metadata

  3. Trevor Alvord

    Curator - 21st Century Latter Day Saint Movements & Western Americana, and Illustration,Associate Librarian —Special Collections
    Subjects:21st Century Latter Day Saints and Western Americana

  4. Ellen Amatangelo

    Scholarly Communications Coordinator —Digital Initiatives,Scholarly Publishing

  5. Ryan Amy

    Director of IT; Manager of IT Operations —Information Technology (IT),IT Operations

  6. Rick Anderson

    University Librarian,Senior Librarian —Library Administrative Offices (LAO)

  7. Matt Armstrong

    Experiential Studio and Online Learning Supervisor —Instruction

  8. Allen Arnoldsen

    Library Controller —Business Office,Library Administrative Offices (LAO)

  9. Anne Ashton

    Archival Processing Specialist —Archival Processing Section,Cataloging & Metadata

  10. Tiffany Bainter

    Monograph Acquisitions Specialist I —Acquisitions,Monographs,Serials

  11. Carol Barksdale

    Social Science / Science Cataloging Specialist —Cataloging & Metadata

  12. Abby Beazer

    Digital Initiatives Technical Specialist —Digital Initiatives

  13. Mathew Behling

    Senior Software Engineer —Information Technology (IT),Software Engineering

  14. Cassandra Belliston

    Art and Design Librarian,Assistant Librarian —Humanities
    Subjects:Animation (Design/Art),Art and Design,Art History,Graphic Design,Illustration,Photography,Visual Arts

  15. Jeff Belliston

    Senior Associate University Librarian; Associate University Librarian for Administrative Services,Senior Librarian —Library Administrative Offices (LAO)

  16. Victoria Birth

    Conservator —Collections Care

  17. Marissa Bischoff

    Digital Imaging Workflow Supervisor —Digital Initiatives

  18. Garrett Boden

    Software Training Manager —Instruction
    Subjects:Software program Training

  19. Cindy Brightenburg

    Special Collections Reference Assistant —Special Collections

  20. Liz Brimley

    Monograph Accounts Supervisor and Copy Cataloger —Acquisitions,Monographs

  21. Dan Broadbent

    Physical & Computer Sciences Librarian,Assistant Librarian —Science & Engineering
    Subjects:Animation (Technical/Computer),Computer Engineering,Computer Science,Electrical Engineering,Information Technology,Physics/Astronomy

  22. David Brownell

    Server and Storage Systems Engineer —Information Technology (IT),IT Operations

  23. Valerie Buck

    Rare Anglo American Literature Catalog Librarian,Associate Librarian —Cataloging & Metadata

  24. Janice Bunker

    Music and Dance Cataloging,Assistant Librarian —Cataloging & Metadata

  25. Kellie Busath

    Fourth Floor Reference Specialist —Humanities

  26. Lety Camacho

    Social Sciences Department Chair - Management and Accounting Librarian,Senior Librarian —Social Sciences
    Subjects:Accounting,Information Systems,Organizational Leadership & Strategy,Public Management

  27. Ava Cecil

    LAO Administrative Assistant —Library Administrative Offices (LAO)

  28. Erminia Chao

    Asian Area Studies and Media Catalog Librarian,Senior Librarian —Cataloging & Metadata

  29. Hannah Chapman

    Coll Mgmt Asst for Spec Coll —Collections Care

  30. Mary Chapman

    Humanities Reference Specialist —Humanities

  31. Jessie Christensen

    Central American and South American Area Studies and Romance Languages Catalog Librarian,Assistant Librarian —Cataloging & Metadata

  32. Kjerste Christensen

    21st Century Mormonism and Western Americana Catalog Librarian,Associate Librarian —Cataloging & Metadata

  33. Katie Clark

    19th and 20th Century Latter-Day Saint and Americana Catalog,Assistant Librarian —Cataloging & Metadata

  34. Amanda Crandall

    Manuscripts Processing Specialist —Archival Processing Section,Cataloging & Metadata

  35. Gordon Daines

    Curator of Research and Instruction Services and Curator of Yellowstone National Park collection,Senior Librarian —Special Collections
    Subjects:Yellowstone National Park

  36. Timothy Davis

    Asian Studies Librarian,Associate Librarian —Humanities
    Subjects:Asian Studies,Chinese,Japanese,Korean,Russian Language/Literature

  37. David Day

    Curator - Music Special Collections,Senior Librarian —Special Collections
    Subjects:Music Special Collections

  38. Charles Draper

    Software Engineering Manager —Information Technology (IT),Software Engineering

  39. Brent Ellingson

    IT Product Manager —Information Technology (IT)

  40. Joe Everett

    Family History, Local History, and Microforms Librarian,Associate Librarian —Religion & Family History,Social Sciences
    Subjects:Family History/Genealogy,History (Family & Genealogy),History, Utah,Local History

  41. Pat Frade

    21st Century Mormonism and Western Americana Catalog Librarian,Senior Librarian —Cataloging & Metadata

  42. Meg Frost

    Life Sciences and Communications Disorders Librarian,Associate Librarian —Science & Engineering
    Subjects:Athletic Training,Biophysics,Communication Disorders,Dietetics,Exercise Science,Experience Design & Management,Food Science,Medicine,Nutritional Science,Physical Education/Coaching,Physiology/Developmental Biology,Sports Medicine,Therapeutic Recreation & Management

  43. Leanna Fry

    Instruction Department Chair; Instructional Design,Associate Librarian —Instruction
    Subjects:Library/Information Science

  44. Quinn Galbraith

    Sociology, Family Sciences, and Social Work Librarian,Senior Librarian —Social Sciences
    Subjects:Family Life,Marriage, Family, and Human Development,Social Work,Sociology

  45. Michael Gates

    Digital Preservation Specialist —Digital Initiatives

  46. Kristie Gerber

    Serials Processing Specialist —Acquisitions,Serials

  47. Jared Gibson

    Senior Software Engineer —Information Technology (IT),Software Engineering

  48. Karen Glenn

    Archival Processing Section Supervisor —Archival Processing Section,Cataloging & Metadata

  49. Mike Goates

    Science & Engineering Department Chair, Life Sciences,Associate Librarian —Science & Engineering
    Subjects:Bioinformatics,Biology,Biology 100,Geology,Health Science,Plant and Wildlife Sciences,Public Health,Wildlife & Wildlife Conservation

  50. Teresa Gomez

    Geospatial Data, Analysis, and Technology Specialist —Science & Engineering

  51. Adam Griggs

    European Studies-German-French-Italian, Linguistics,Assistant Librarian —Humanities
    Subjects:American Sign Language (ASL),European Studies,French & Italian Studies,German Studies,Linguistics,Scandinavian Studies,TESOL

  52. Bethany Gustafson

    Archival Processing Specialist —Archival Processing Section

  53. Jamie Hansen

    Psychology Librarian,Assistant Librarian —Social Sciences
    Subjects:Counseling Psychology,Instructional Psychology and Technology,Psychology

  54. Kimberly Hao

    Serials Section Head - Serials Supervisor —Acquisitions,Serials

  55. Ben Harry

    Curator of Audiovisual Materials and Media Arts History,Assistant Librarian —Special Collections
    Subjects:Film,Media Arts

  56. Stacey Hatch

    Library Instruction Specialist —Instruction

  57. Trevan Hatch

    Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Ancient Scripture, Anthropology, Middle East Studies, Religious Studies, Jerusalem Center Librarian,Associate Librarian —Religion & Family History,Social Sciences
    Subjects:Ancient Near Eastern Studies,Anthropology,Middle East Studies,Mormon Americana,Museum Studies,Religion (except for Latter Day Saints)

  58. Jeana Haymond

    Collections Management Supervisor for Special Collections —Collections Care

  59. Rachel Helps

    Coordinator of Wikipedia Initiatives —Communications and PR

  60. Jeffery Hill

    Library Information Systems Section Head - Manager of Library Information Systems —Information Technology (IT),Library Information Systems

  61. Matt Hill

    Latin American and Iberian Area Studies Librarian,Assistant Librarian —Humanities
    Subjects:Latin American Studies

  62. Mike Hill

    Media Production Services Manager —Instruction

  63. Betsy Hopkins

    Nursing Librarian —Science & Engineering

  64. Eric Howard

    Exhibits Manager —Communications and PR

  65. Jared Howland

    Collection Development Coordinator,Senior Librarian —Collection Development

  66. Emily Hreha

    Auxiliary Collections Supervisor —Collections Care

  67. Brendan Huber

    Library Desktop Systems Engineer —Information Technology (IT),IT Operations

  68. Mike Hunter

    Associate University Librarian for Research and Learning,Senior Librarian —Library Administrative Offices (LAO)

  69. Mark Jackson

    Geospatial Science & Technology Librarian,Associate Librarian —Science & Engineering
    Subjects:Facilities & Property Management,Geographic Information Systems,Geography,Geospatial Technology,Maps & Gazetteers

  70. Justin Johnson

    Collections Access Department Head - Patron Support Librarian,Assistant Librarian —Collections Access

  71. Jed Johnston

    Innovation Lab Manager —Instruction

  72. Jenne Jones

    Assistant Facilities Manager / Project Manager —Facilities Management

  73. Suzanne Julian

    Information Literacy,Senior Librarian —Instruction,Research & Writing Center

  74. Maggie Kopp

    Curator - Rare Book Collections,Senior Librarian —Special Collections
    Subjects:British Literature,European Studies,History of Printing/Manuscripts,Rare Books

  75. Susanne Lay

    Special Collections Cataloging Specialist —Cataloging & Metadata

  76. Myrna Layton

    Humanities Department Chair - Performing Arts Librarian,Senior Librarian —Humanities
    Subjects:Dance,Music Education,Music Performance,Musicology/Theory/Composition,Theatre Arts

  77. Roger Layton

    Communications / PR Manager —Communications and PR

  78. Cindy Ledingham

    Reference Specialist and Department Assistant —Science & Engineering

  79. Ryan Lee

    Manuscript Collections Coordinator,Associate Librarian —Special Collections

  80. Nicole Lewis

    Digital Metadata Librarian,Associate Librarian —Cataloging & Metadata

  81. Jeff Lyon

    Music Catalog Librarian,Associate Librarian —Cataloging & Metadata

  82. Winn Madsen

    Senior Software Engineer —Information Technology (IT),Software Engineering

  83. Brittany Maloy

    First-Year Programs & RWC Supervisor —Instruction,Research & Writing Center

  84. Maggie Marchant

    Economics, Finance, and Social Sciences Data Librarian,Assistant Librarian —Social Sciences

  85. Rachel Maxwell

    Cataloging Specialist —Cataloging & Metadata

  86. Robert Maxwell

    Special Collections and Ancient Languages Catalog Librarian,Senior Librarian —Cataloging & Metadata
    Subjects:Classical Studies

  87. Christopher McAfee

    Head Conservator of Rare Books and Manuscripts —Collections Care

  88. Robert Means

    English Language and Literature Librarian,Senior Librarian —Humanities
    Subjects:American Literature,British Literature,Comparative Literature,English,Folklore

  89. Alyssa Meldrum

    Search and Delivery Team Supervisor —Collections Access,Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and Document Delivery

  90. Lindsey Memory

    Digital Initiatives Dept. Head - Digital Content Manager —Digital Initiatives

  91. Russell Memory

    Software Engineer —Information Technology (IT),Software Engineering

  92. Valerie Mendoza

    Request & Process Supervisor —Collections Access,Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and Document Delivery

  93. Roni Miller

    Collections Management Assistant for Auxiliary Collections —Collections Care

  94. Isabelle Moats

    Science Reference Specialist and Department Assistant —Science & Engineering

  95. Ernie Monroe

    IT Help Desk Supervisor —Information Technology (IT),IT Operations

  96. John Murphy

    Curator - 19th - 20th Century Latter Day Saint Movements & Western Americana Manuscripts,Associate Librarian —Special Collections
    Subjects:19th and 20th Century Latter Day Saints and Western America,History, Utah,Local History

  97. Christine Musick

    Assistant Controller —Business Office,Library Administrative Offices (LAO)

  98. Jeremy Myntti

    Associate University Librarian for Metadata & IT Services —Library Administrative Offices (LAO)

  99. Greg Nelson

    Science and Engineering Chemical and Life Sciences,Senior Librarian —Science & Engineering
    Subjects:Biochemistry,Chemical Engineering,Chemistry,Genetics & Biotechnology,Microbiology,Molecular Biology,Neuroscience,Physiology/Developmental Biology

  100. Michael Newell

    Monographs Section Manager —Acquisitions

  101. Cory Nimer

    Archivist - University Archives,Senior Librarian —Special Collections
    Subjects:Brigham Young University History,University Archives

  102. Randy O'Hara

    University Security —BYU Security

  103. Cali OConnell

    Human Resources and Training/Development Manager and Donor Relations Liaison —Human Resources/Training

  104. Barbie Osorio DeSoto

    User Experience Designer —Information Technology (IT),User Experience

  105. Kathryn Ottosson

    Reference and Circulation Supervisor —Circulation,Collections Access

  106. Karin Patrick

    Instruction Dept Assistant —Instruction

  107. Taylor Payne

    Principal Software Engineer —Information Technology (IT),Software Engineering

  108. Heather Peavler

    Return and Resolve Team Supervisor —Collections Access

  109. Toni Pilcher

    Writing Programs Supervisor —Instruction,Research & Writing Center

  110. David Pixton

    Engineering and Technology Librarian,Associate Librarian —Science & Engineering
    Subjects:Civil & Environmental Engineering,Industrial Design,Manufacturing Engineering,Mechanical Engineering,Technology and Engineering Studies

  111. Milan Pohontsch

    Germanic and European Languages Cataloging Specialist —Cataloging & Metadata

  112. Sharolynn Pyeatt

    Bibliographic Management —Cataloging & Metadata

  113. Elizabeth Rane

    Electronic Serials Assistant —Acquisitions,Serials

  114. Elysha Resendes

    Human Resources and Training/Development Coordinator —Human Resources/Training

  115. Lisa Reynolds

    Collections Access Department Assistant —Collections Access

  116. David Rice

    Senior Software Engineer —Information Technology (IT),Library Information Systems

  117. Lee Richards

    Senior Software Engineer —Information Technology (IT),Library Information Systems

  118. Paul Robbins

    Mathematical Sciences, Statistics, and Construction Management Librarian,Assistant Librarian —Science & Engineering
    Subjects:Construction Management,Mathematics,Mathematics Education,Statistics

  119. Peggy Robertson

    Juvenile Cataloging Specialist —Cataloging & Metadata

  120. Jon Rodriguez

    Application Engineer
    Subjects:Information Technology

  121. Shannon Sanders

    Collections Access Manager —Circulation,Collections Access

  122. Jennifer Schill

    Religion/Family Reference Supervisor —Religion & Family History,Social Sciences

  123. Heather Seferovich

    Education in Zion Exhibit Educator/Curator —Education in Zion

  124. Greg Seppi

    Curator - 19th and 20th Century Americana Collection,Associate Librarian —Special Collections
    Subjects:19th and 20th Century Latter Day Saints and Western America,History, Utah,Local History,Mormon Americana

  125. Paulee Shakespear

    Archives Specialist —Special Collections

  126. Dainan Skeem

    Special Collections Department Chair; Curator - 21st Century Manuscripts,Associate Librarian —Special Collections
    Subjects:21st Century Latter Day Saints and Western Americana

  127. Elizabeth Smart

    Humanities, Media Arts, News Media, & Women's Studies Librarian,Senior Librarian —Humanities
    Subjects:Advertising,Communications,Film,Global Women’s Studies,Humanities,Media Arts,News Media,Photography,Public Relations,Theatre Arts

  128. Ezra Smith

    Acquisitions Specialist —Acquisitions

  129. Kat Smith

    UX Designer —Information Technology (IT),User Experience

  130. Andy Spackman

    Associate University Librarian for Collection Services,Senior Librarian —Library Administrative Offices (LAO)

  131. Colette Stephan

    Metadata & IT Division Assistant —Cataloging & Metadata,Information Technology (IT)

  132. Justin Stewart

    Facilities Manager —Facilities Management

  133. Casey Strong

    Software Engineer —Information Technology (IT),Software Engineering

  134. Sharolyn Swenson

    Continuing Resources Catalog Librarian,Assistant Librarian —Cataloging & Metadata

  135. Christina Thomas

    Conservator —Collections Care

  136. Paul Thorsen

    Senior Software Engineer —Information Technology (IT),Software Engineering

  137. Tyler Thorsted

    Digital Preservation Manager —Digital Initiatives

  138. Elizabeth Tobiasson

    Authorities Specialist —Cataloging & Metadata

  139. Nick Totten

    Electronic Resources Cataloging Specialist —Cataloging & Metadata

  140. LuAnn Troxel

    Serials Record Control Supervisor —Acquisitions,Serials

  141. Jessica Tuwun

    Management, Marketing, and Experience Design,Assistant Librarian —Social Sciences
    Subjects:Experience Design & Management,Marketing

  142. Gerrit van Dyk

    Philosophy and Church History & Doctrine Librarian,Associate Librarian —Religion & Family History,Social Sciences
    Subjects:LDS History & Doctrine,Mormon History & Doctrine,Philosophy

  143. Rachel Wadham

    Education and Juvenile Collections Librarian and Cataloging and Metadata Department Interim Chair,Senior Librarian —Cataloging & Metadata,Social Sciences
    Subjects:Early Childhood Education,Education,Juvenile Literature

  144. Brian Wages

    History, Political Science, Government,Assistant Librarian —Social Sciences
    Subjects:African Studies,American Literature,American Studies,History (American, British, General),International Relations,Marketing,Native American Studies,Political Science

  145. Rebecca Walton

    Acquisitions and Collection Analysis Librarian,Assistant Librarian —Acquisitions

  146. Sadie Webster

    Electronic Resource Specialist —Acquisitions,Serials

  147. Jenny Wheeler

    Executive Assistant —Library Administrative Offices (LAO)

  148. Michael Whitchurch

    OER and Media Literacy Librarian,Senior Librarian —Instruction

  149. Coreena White

    Collection Management Supervisor General Collections —Collections Care

  150. Becca Wiederhold

    Archival Processing Section Head - Technical Services Archivist,Assistant Librarian —Archival Processing Section,Cataloging & Metadata

  151. Duane Wilson

    User Experience Specialist —Assessment & Usability

  152. Kate Windsor

    Special Collections Admin Asst —Special Collections

  153. Kurt Winkler

    Literature and Humanities Cataloging Specialist —Cataloging & Metadata

  154. Jamie Wiser

    Archival Processing Specialist —Archival Processing Section,Cataloging & Metadata

  155. Angie Workman

    Receiving Supervisor and Copy Cataloger —Acquisitions,Monographs

  156. John Wright

    Romance Languages Catalog Librarian,Senior Librarian —Cataloging & Metadata

  157. Holt Zaugg

    Assessment Librarian,Associate Librarian —Assessment & Usability