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  1. Kafkas Werke

    Kafkas Werke im World Wide Web comprises the complete works of Franz Kafka (1883 - 1924), including prose and diaries. This is the complete full-text searchable edition of the Kritische Kafka-Ausgabe published by the S. Fischer Verlag, including notes, variants and apparatus.

  2. Kanopy Streaming Video

    Collection of over 20,000 streaming videos

  3. Klapp

    Bibliography of French literature. The bibliographic years 1991 - 2011 are electronically accessible in German, English and French. Size of the database: 320,000 titles, 80,000 authors, 111,000 subjects, 17,900 classifications, 1,420 processed periodicals.

  4. KLG Online

    Das Kritische Lexikon zur deutschsprachigen Gegenwartsliteratur - KLG ist das Standardwerk zur deutschsprachigen Literatur nach 1945. Es bietet eine einzigartige Informationsfülle über Leben und Werk von fast 650 Autorinnen und Autoren.

  5. Knovel Critical Tables

    This important, interactive Knovel reference contains tables of physical, solvent, and thermodynamic properties. The physical property tables alone include over 21,000 inorganic and organic compounds, and pure substances. The solvent property tables have data for 385 common solvents, and the thermodynamic property tables have data for over 15,000 compounds. Additionally, several tables make use of the interactive Equation Plotter to plot thermodynamic properties as a function of temperature.


  6. Korean War on Fold3

    Primary source documents about the Korean War