About the Collection


I thank the administration of the Brigham Young University Harold B. Lee Library for the professional development time and funds that have made this work possible. I also express my indebtedness to the many indexers during the 12 years needed to accomplish this task: Lorraine Austin, Terry Birdwell, Connie Friar, Katherine Gibson, Bonnie Hansen, Caroline Harris, Chandra Hervey, Mary Anne Jackson, Kerry Karli, Hattie Knight, Nancy Lichten, Katherine Mathusek, Penny Morris, Shauna Nielson, Lori Slovacek, and Marionanne Tosti and to student assistants Jared Tanner (2003-2005) and Amy Tidwell (2005) for considerable editing and correcting of the database.

Special recognition goes to the computer programmers of the Harold B. Lee Library T. Kelly Bradford and Jacob Jenson. They wrote many of the computer programs to locate and edit problems and establish the format for effective access to the index.

A CD version was created by LDS Church Service Missionaries acting under the direction of Nauvoo Restoration, Inc. and Milton V. Backman from which this final database was created.