About the Collection


The Harold B. Lee Library would like to thank the Institute of Museum and Library Services for its generous grant funding for this project through the Library Services and Technology Act, administered by the Utah State Library Division. Thanks to a 65 percent match funding by the Lee Library and Brigham Young University, the collection can be completed and available to everyone via the internet by September 2006.

Thanks to the grant, a number of students employed by the Lee Library are acquiring skills in cataloging, scanning, and preserving the collection, and are able to mentor other students on these responsibilities. We thank them for their contributions to this project.

Special thanks go to the team of full-time employees who are dedicating their time – without additional grant aid – to making this online collection possible. Personally, we’d like to thank:

  • Susan L. Fales, Project Team Leader
  • Tom Wells, Curator of Photographic Archives
  • Don Campbell, Digital Lab Director
  • Kayla Willey, Metadata Librarian and Head of Metadata
  • Tiffany Harrison, Metadata Assistant
  • Tom DeForest, Web Designer
Description and Processing Metadata Students (arranged alphabetically):
Rebecca Christensen, Heidi Harris, Brieann Greenhalgh, James Mayo, Kimberly Moore, Arpit (A.D.) Pandey, Emily Robinson
Glass Plate Maintenance:
Gabrielle Germaine, Brittany Johnson, Emily Robinson, Zachary Taylor
Glass Plate Repair and Preservation:
Brenda Barrett, Gabrielle Germaine, Zachary Taylor
Joseph Darowski, Michelle Farnsworth, Brittany Heiner, Megan Nichol, Shanna Waye
Loading and Final Metadata:
Rebecca Christensen, Michelle Clawson, Brieann Greenhalgh, Karren Leishamn, James Mayo, Kevin Rieske