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George Anderson

Welcome to the George Edward Anderson Collection. This collection includes 14,020 photographic images. We invite you to browse the collection or perform a search to view historic photos of people and places in Utah and elsewhere in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The photographs taken over his career demonstrate his artistry with a camera and his perfectionism. Both studio and environmental portraits of Utah residents are available in the thousands. Anderson’s collection of negatives contains something of railroad history, mining, LDS temple building, and LDS historic sites. Unfortunately many of the negatives from his experiences in Canada seem to be lost, and almost none of his mission to England and his Arizona experiences have been found to date.

Utah State History

To view the 44 images belonging to the Society: Browse Utah State Historical Society Collection. These same images will also be returned to you as you execute a search, depending of course on the subject of your search.

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