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  1. 19th-Century Publications about the Book of Mormon (1829–1844)

    19th-Century Publications about the Book of Mormon (1829–1844)

    Since its publication in 1830, both Latter-day Saint and non-Latter-day Saint readers have cast the Book of Mormon in a variety of roles. This collection represents an effort to gather together that body of literature and make it available to those interested in the origins of the Book of Mormon.

  2. A Mormon Bibliography, 1830–1930

    This site is an electronic version of the printed bibliography A Mormon Bibliography, 1830–1930.

  3. American Travelers in Italy

    American Travelers in Italy

    The Italian Travel Literature collection makes a number of titles available in full-text-searchable format for students, faculty, and others interested in Italian Studies.

  4. BYU History

    BYU History

    The BYU History Collection includes many student publications (Academic Review, The Banyan, Business Journal, The Normal, and The White and Blue) which documents the life of the university from the 1890s to the 1920s. It includes information on campus events and student life, as well advertisements, editorials and essays. Additionally, the collection includes Campus Photographs from 1875–1975.

  5. Church Chronology: A Record of Important Events

    Church Chronology: A Record of Important Events

    Compiled by Andrew Jenson in 1914, this collection includes chronological information of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1805–1913.

  6. Didymus Papyrus

    Didymus Papyrus

    A portion of Didymus the Blind’s (AD 313–398) Commentary on the Psalms

  7. Eisenhower Communiqués

    Eisenhower Communiqués

    WWII Daily Battle Communiques searchable by personal and city names

  8. Encyclopedia of Mormonism (1992 Print Version)

    Encyclopedia of Mormonism (1992 Print Version)

    Macmillan’s: 1992 Encyclopedia of Mormonism

  9. Encyclopedia of Mormonism (Wiki Version)

    Encyclopedia of Mormonism (Wiki Version)

    Macmillan’s: 1992 Encyclopedia of Mormonism

  10. Family History Archives

    Family History Archives

    Access to a repository of histories created by families to record and celebrate the lives of their ancestors

  11. Filipino Laborers Collection

    Filipino Laborers Collection

    The records of the Hawaii Sugar Planter’s Association at the Joseph F. Smith Library Archives and Special Collections include approximately 100,000 labor records, passenger lists for vessels transporting workers between Honolulu and Manila, and a small collection of photographs from the Philippines.

  12. French Political Pamphlets

    French Political Pamphlets

    The collection of French Political Pamphlets in the L. Tom Perry Special Collections (LTPSC) at Brigham Young University features more than 2,100 pamphlets published between 1547 and 1626.

  13. Government Documents

    Material published by every federal agency spanning over 150 years.

  14. Historic Ricks College / BYU–I Scroll

    Historic Ricks College / BYU–I Scroll

    BYU–Idaho’s archive of their student newspaper from 1905 to 1972.

  15. John Donne Sermons

    John Donne Sermons

    Access to the complete John Donne sermon texts for scholars and interested readers

  16. Journal of Discourses

    Journal of Discourses

    Published from 1853 to 1886, this periodical contains stenographic reports of sermons of the LDS Church authorities. The discourses cover all aspects of Mormon life, although most are doctrinal in nature.

  17. Juvenile Literature Collection

    Direct access to the library’s print collections aimed at a juvenile audience (children and young adults).

  18. Letters of Philip II, King of Spain

    Letters of Philip II, King of Spain

    These letters from Philip II, King of Spain—mainly to Don Diego de Orellana de Chaves, Royal Governor of Spain’s northern coast—date from the time of naval war against England and France, 1592–1597.

  19. Marcel Schwob Collection

    Marcel Schwob Collection

    The Marcel Schwob Digital Collection is a digital publication of 72 previously unpublished letters. The collection also includes a digital version of Marcel Schwob: Correspondance Inédite (Droz 1985), edited by former BYU Professor and Schwob scholar John Alden Green

  20. Marcus Bach Collection

    Marcus Bach Collection

    Marcus Bach works related to philosophy and spiritual understanding including books and his Outreach Newsletter

  21. Millennial Star

    Millennial Star

    The Millennial Star was the longest running Latter-day Saint (LDS) periodical, published continuously for 130 years until discontinued in 1970.

  22. Miscellaneous Books

    Miscellaneous Books

    Titles featured in this collection include Church Chronology: A Record of Important Events Pertaining to the History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Encyclopedic History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia, and Progressive Men of Eastern Idaho.

  23. Monographs of the Western North American Naturalist

    Monographs of the Western North American Naturalist

    Continuing a tradition of more than 70 years, the Western North American Naturalist offers meaningful insights, timely data, and useful research aids to those studying the fascinating and complex field of biological natural history.

  24. Mormon Missionary Diaries

    Mormon Missionary Diaries

    A growing and geographically varied collection of original writings from the 1830s into the 1960s.

  25. Mormon Publications: 19th and 20th Centuries

    Mormon Publications: 19th and 20th Centuries

    This collection of early Mormon publications includes books, missionary tracts, doctrinal treatises, hymnals, and periodicals, which helped define the doctrinal development and historical movements of the Mormon people in the 19th and the 20th centuries.

  26. Mormons and Their Neighbors

    Mormons and Their Neighbors

    The Mormons and Their Neighbors database is an index to over 100,000 biographical sketches appearing in 236 published volumes. These sketches include persons living between 1820 and 1981 in northern Mexico, New Mexico, Arizona, Southern California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and southwestern Canada.

  27. New World Archaeological Foundation

    New World Archaeological Foundation

    The NWAF papers are reports of fieldwork and of studies of subjects related to Mesoamerican (southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and western Honduras) archaeology.

  28. Overland Trails

    Overland Trails

    Trails of Hope: Overland Diaries and Letters, 1846–1869 showcases original pioneer writings

  29. Relief Society Magazine Index

    Relief Society Magazine Index

    This index includes the major standard categories of material: lessons, articles, fiction, poetry, plays, recipes, notes from the field (ward and stake Relief Societies), and happenings (individuals) from the Relief Society Magazine (1914–1970).

  30. Syriac Studies Reference Library

    Syriac Studies Reference Library

    The Syriac Studies Reference Library is a collection of rare and out-of-print titles that are of vital importance for Syriac studies

  31. Upper Snake River Valley Idaho Histories

    Upper Snake River Valley Idaho Histories

    BYU–Idaho’s collection of historical sketches of Upper Snake River Valley settlers from 1883 to 1893

  32. Weir Family Papers & Photographs

    The Weir Family Papers and Weir Family Photographs document the lives of various members of the Weir family, including Robert Walter Weir (1803–1889), John Ferguson Weir (1841–1926), and Julian Alden Weir (1852–1919). The collection contains correspondence, diaries, scrapbooks, manuscripts, speeches, artwork, clippings, and published material relating to the family, dating from 1765 to 1929. The bulk of the collection relates to Julian Alden Weir.

  33. Western Waters Digital Library

    Western Waters Digital Library

    Data on the great rivers of the West, with initial concentration on the Colorado, Columbia, Platte, and Rio Grande.

  34. Young Woman's Journal

    Young Woman’s Journal

    Founding editor Susa Young Gates emphasized the Young Woman’s Journal (1889–1929) ‘as an outlet for the literary gifts of the girl members…while representing the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.’

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