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  1. BYU Family Historian

    BYU Family Historian

    Assisting in finding ancestors and discovering the world in which they lived

  2. BYU Studies

    BYU Studies

    Promoting faith, continued learning, and further interest in our LDS history.

  3. Children's Book and Play Review

    Children’s Book and Play Review

    Produced by the Harold B. Lee Library, the Department of Teacher Education, and the Department of Theatre and Media Arts.

  4. Comparative Civilizations Review

    Comparative Civilizations Review

    Comparative Civilizations Review is a publication of the International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations.

  5. Interactive Archivist

    Interactive Archivist

    Using case studies, this publication highlights how archivists are utilizing Web 2.0 technologies to improve the delivery of services and information to their user base.

  6. Issues in Religion and Psychotherapy

    Issues in Religion and Psychotherapy

    This peer-reviewed, professional journal (formerly known as The AMCAP Journal) is dedicated to the scholarly investigation of the interface between religion and mental health practice. Over 30 years of values-based professional writing, generated by members and friends of AMCAP (The Association of Mormon Counselors and Psychotherapists), is represented in this fully searchable online archive.

  7. Journal of East Asian Libraries

    Journal of East Asian Libraries

    From the Council on East Asian Libraries and the Association for Asian Studies, Inc.

  8. Journal of Microfinance

    Journal of Microfinance

    Forum for microfinance practitioners to exchange information and ideas

  9. Journal of the Book of Mormon and Other Restoration Scripture

    Journal of the Book of Mormon and Other Restoration Scripture

    A peer-reviewed journal dedicated to promoting our understanding of the history, meaning, and significance of the scriptures revealed through the Prophet Joseph Smith.

  10. Marriage & Families

    Marriage & Families

    Peer-reviewed publication dedicated to strengthening families

  11. Mormon Pacific Historical Society

    Mormon Pacific Historical Society

    Fostering the study and recording of LDS Church history in Hawaii and the Pacific Islands

  12. New World Archaeological Foundation

    New World Archaeological Foundation

    The NWAF papers are reports of fieldwork and of studies of subjects related to Mesoamerican (southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and western Honduras) archaeology.

  13. Pacific Studies

    Pacific Studies

    TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE. Multidisciplinary journal devoted to the study of the peoples of the Pacific Islands

  14. Religious Educator

    Religious Educator

    Perspectives on the Restored Gospel

  15. Religious Studies Center

    Religious Studies Center

    The out-of-print publications of the Religious Studies Center, the research and publication arm of Religious Education.

  16. ScholarsArchive


    Scholarly and creative works created by BYU faculty and students.

  17. Studia Antiqua

    Studia Antiqua

    Studia Antiqua is a biannual publication dedicated to publishing the research of undergraduate and graduate students from all areas of study related to the ancient world.

  18. TESL Reporter

    TESL Reporter

    TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE. Dedicated to the dissemination of issues of interest to teachers of English to speakers of other languages

  19. Western North American Naturalist

    Western North American Naturalist

    Publishes manuscripts pertaining to the biological natural history of western North America.

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