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  1. 19th-Century Mormon Article Newspaper Index

    19th-Century Mormon Article Newspaper Index

    A bibliography of national newspaper articles dating from 1831 to 1900, which deal in some way with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Mormons, or with the territory or state of Utah.

  2. Blackfoot Newspapers

    A collection of the newspapers (including the ‘Idaho News’) printed in Blackfoot, Idaho running in the late 1800s. The collection includes digital images of these newspapers scanned from the originals.

  3. BYU History

    BYU History

    The BYU History Collection includes many student publications (Academic Review, The Banyan, Business Journal, The Normal, and The White and Blue) which documents the life of the university from the 1890s to the 1920s. It includes information on campus events and student life, as well advertisements, editorials and essays. Additionally, the collection includes Campus Photographs from 1875–1975.

  4. Daily Enquirer

    Daily Enquirer

    One of the oldest Provo, Utah newspapers, published from 1889–1908, also known under the title Provo Daily Enquirer.

  5. Deseret News

    Deseret News

    The weekly edition of the Deseret News was published from June 15, 1850 to December 10, 1898; it was the first newspaper published in the Utah Territory, only three years after the Mormon pioneers settled in the Great Salt Lake Valley.

  6. Deseret News Extra

    Deseret News Extra

    This collection of early Mormon publications includes books, missionary tracts, doctrinal treatises, hymnals, and periodicals that helped define doctrinal development and historical movements of the Mormon people in the 19th Century.

  7. Eastern Idaho Newspapers

    The Eastern Idaho Newspapers is a small collection of miscellaneous newspapers that have been donated to BYU–Idaho by area patrons. They include newspapers printed in Ashton, Marysville, and St. Anthony in the early 1900s.

  8. Evening and Morning Star

    Evening and Morning Star

    The collection includes newspapers from 1832–1836, written in Kirtland, Ohio and Independence, Missouri. It has been inferred by scholars that Oliver Cowdery was the earliest editor of the newspaper.

  9. Idaho Falls Daily Post

  10. Rexburg Newspapers

    The Rexburg Newspapers is a collection of the newspapers printed in Rexburg, Idaho. Starting in 1910, this collection includes microfilm scans from The Current Journal, The Rexburg Standard, The Rexburg Journal, and The Rexburg Standard Journal.

  11. The Evening and the Morning Star

    The Evening and the Morning Star

    The first Mormon newspaper had its conception at a Church conference in Ohio in September 1831 when William W. Phelps, a new convert and a veteran newspaperman, was directed to purchase a press and type and establish a newspaper in Independence, Missouri. The first regular number of the Star appeared in June, and between June 1832 and July 1833, Phelps published a total of fourteen numbers before the press was destroyed on July 20, 1833.

  12. The Evening and the Morning Star Extra

    The Evening and the Morning Star Extra

    The Star Extra reprints the Missouri handbill together with two editorial comments by Oliver Cowdery. Its main text, entitled ‘The Mormons’ So Called, is signed by Parley Pratt, Newel Knight, John Carrill and dated December 12, 1833. It recounts the events leading up to the destruction of the Star office, the agreement of the Saints to leave Jackson County by April 1, 1834, and their violent expulsion in November 1833.

  13. The Rigby Star

    The Rigby Star

    The Rigby Star newspaper (Rigby, Fremont County, Idaho) dated from 1906 to 1975.

  14. Utah Digital Newspapers

    Utah Digital Newspapers

    An archive of newspapers from various counties in the State of Utah from the early 1850s to the 1970s.

  15. Woman's Exponent

    Woman’s Exponent

    The Woman’s Exponent (1872–1914) was established for Latter-day Saint women, and operated independent of the Church. Editor Louise L. Greene declared in the first issue, ‘…we will endeavor, at all times, to speak freely on every topic of current interest, and on every subject as it arises in which the women of Utah, and the great sisterhood the world over, are specially interested.’

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