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  1. 19th-Century Mormon Article Newspaper Index

    19th-Century Mormon Article Newspaper Index

    A bibliography of national newspaper articles dating from 1831 to 1900, which deal in some way with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Mormons, or with the territory or state of Utah.

  2. 19th-Century Publications about the Book of Mormon (1829–1844)

    19th-Century Publications about the Book of Mormon (1829–1844)

    Since its publication in 1830, both Latter-day Saint and non-Latter-day Saint readers have cast the Book of Mormon in a variety of roles. This collection represents an effort to gather together that body of literature and make it available to those interested in the origins of the Book of Mormon.

  3. A Mormon Bibliography, 1830–1930

    This site is an electronic version of the printed bibliography A Mormon Bibliography, 1830–1930.

  4. BYU Master's Theses on Mormonism

    BYU Master’s Theses on Mormonism

    Master’s Theses on Mormonism published at BYU since the early ’30s

  5. BYU Studies

    BYU Studies

    Promoting faith, continued learning, and further interest in our LDS history.

  6. Church Chronology: A Record of Important Events

    Church Chronology: A Record of Important Events

    Compiled by Andrew Jenson in 1914, this collection includes chronological information of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1805–1913.

  7. Encyclopedia of Mormonism (1992 Print Version)

    Encyclopedia of Mormonism (1992 Print Version)

    Macmillan’s: 1992 Encyclopedia of Mormonism

  8. Encyclopedia of Mormonism (Wiki Version)

    Encyclopedia of Mormonism (Wiki Version)

    Macmillan’s: 1992 Encyclopedia of Mormonism

  9. Foundations of the Restoration

    REL C 225 sources database

  10. Journal of Discourses

    Journal of Discourses

    Published from 1853 to 1886, this periodical contains stenographic reports of sermons of the LDS Church authorities. The discourses cover all aspects of Mormon life, although most are doctrinal in nature.

  11. Millennial Star

    Millennial Star

    The Millennial Star was the longest running Latter-day Saint (LDS) periodical, published continuously for 130 years until discontinued in 1970.

  12. Miscellaneous Books

    Miscellaneous Books

    Titles featured in this collection include Church Chronology: A Record of Important Events Pertaining to the History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Encyclopedic History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia, and Progressive Men of Eastern Idaho.

  13. Mormon Missionary Collections

    Missionary-related manuscript collections

  14. Mormon Missionary Diaries

    Mormon Missionary Diaries

    A growing and geographically varied collection of original writings from the 1830s into the 1960s.

  15. Mormon Pacific Historical Society

    Mormon Pacific Historical Society

    Fostering the study and recording of LDS Church history in Hawaii and the Pacific Islands

  16. Mormon Publications: 19th and 20th Centuries

    Mormon Publications: 19th and 20th Centuries

    This collection of early Mormon publications includes books, missionary tracts, doctrinal treatises, hymnals, and periodicals, which helped define the doctrinal development and historical movements of the Mormon people in the 19th and the 20th centuries.

  17. Mormon Studies Resources

    The Harold B. Lee Library’s resource guide for online material on Mormon theology, history, culture, and people.

  18. Mormons and Their Neighbors

    Mormons and Their Neighbors

    The Mormons and Their Neighbors database is an index to over 100,000 biographical sketches appearing in 236 published volumes. These sketches include persons living between 1820 and 1981 in northern Mexico, New Mexico, Arizona, Southern California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and southwestern Canada.

  19. Overland Trails

    Overland Trails

    Trails of Hope: Overland Diaries and Letters, 1846–1869 showcases original pioneer writings

  20. Relief Society Magazine Index

    Relief Society Magazine Index

    This index includes the major standard categories of material: lessons, articles, fiction, poetry, plays, recipes, notes from the field (ward and stake Relief Societies), and happenings (individuals) from the Relief Society Magazine (1914–1970).

  21. Religious Education Image Archive

    Religious Education Image Archive

    Includes the Religious Education Image Archive Collection

  22. Religious Educator

    Religious Educator

    Perspectives on the Restored Gospel

  23. Religious Studies Center

    Religious Studies Center

    The out-of-print publications of the Religious Studies Center, the research and publication arm of Religious Education.

  24. Web Archive: LDS Authors Collection

    Blogs and websites of LDS fiction authors; also includes websites about LDS literature and writing

  25. Web Archive: Mormon Artists Collection

    A collection of Mormon artwork and artists

  26. Web Archive: Mormon Blogs Collection

    Blogs featuring Mormon lifestyle and culture

  27. Web Archive: Mormon Journals & Magazines Collection

    Online magazines and journals devoted to Mormon topics and themes

  28. Web Archive: Mormon Missionary Collection

    Documents, blogs, websites, and other web content related to or created by Mormon missionaries

  29. Web Archive: Mormon Websites Collection

    Websites devoted to topics on Mormonism

  30. Web Archive: Mormon Wikipedia Collection

    A topical collection of Mormonism from articles and postings to the English version of Wikipedia

  31. Web Archive: Mormonism & Latin America Collection

    Blogs, websites, and other Internet content about Mormonism that also feature a strong Latin American presence

  32. Web Archive: News Feeds on Mormonism Collection

    A daily news feed of articles from around the world about Mormonism

  33. Web Archive: Tweet Collection

    Collection of Twitter feeds by or about Mormonism

  34. Web Archive: Video Collection

    Videos from the Internet that document Mormonism or its culture in a significant manner

  35. Woman's Exponent

    Woman’s Exponent

    The Woman’s Exponent (1872–1914) was established for Latter-day Saint women, and operated independent of the Church. Editor Louise L. Greene declared in the first issue, ‘…we will endeavor, at all times, to speak freely on every topic of current interest, and on every subject as it arises in which the women of Utah, and the great sisterhood the world over, are specially interested.’

  36. Young Woman's Journal

    Young Woman’s Journal

    Founding editor Susa Young Gates emphasized the Young Woman’s Journal (1889–1929) ‘as an outlet for the literary gifts of the girl members…while representing the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.’

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