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  1. American Travelers in Italy

    American Travelers in Italy

    The Italian Travel Literature collection makes a number of titles available in full-text-searchable format for students, faculty, and others interested in Italian Studies.

  2. Benson Institute Theses

    Benson Institute Theses

    Electronic theses sponsored or assisted by the Benson Institute at BYU.

  3. Civilization Collection

    Civilization Collection

    Selected images from civilizations around the world

  4. Eisenhower Communiqués

    Eisenhower Communiqués

    WWII Daily Battle Communiques searchable by personal and city names

  5. French Political Pamphlets

    French Political Pamphlets

    The collection of French Political Pamphlets in the L. Tom Perry Special Collections (LTPSC) at Brigham Young University features more than 2,100 pamphlets published between 1547 and 1626.

  6. German Maps (Topographische Karte 1:25,000)

    German Maps (Topographische Karte 1:25,000)

    A set of topographic maps of pre-World War II Germany, originally printed by the German government, and confiscated by the British and U.S. military after the war. Most of these maps are reprints by the British Geographical Section, General Staff, or the U.S. Army Map Service.

  7. Lord Baden Powell Papers

    Lord Baden Powell Papers

    Letters, scrapbooks, photographs, and more documenting Powell’s life, including his work to establish the Scouting movement.

  8. Marcel Schwob Collection

    Marcel Schwob Collection

    The Marcel Schwob Digital Collection is a digital publication of 72 previously unpublished letters. The collection also includes a digital version of Marcel Schwob: Correspondance Inédite (Droz 1985), edited by former BYU Professor and Schwob scholar John Alden Green

  9. Victoria R.I. Bibliography

    This site is a completed, electronic version of the printed bibliography Victoria R. I., representing the nucleus of the library’s Victorian Collection.

  10. World War II Photographs by J Malan Heslop

    World War II Photographs by J Malan Heslop

    More than 1,350 images scanned from negatives, original prints, and slides. Heslop served in the U.S. Army and documented the final months of World War II in Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and Germany.

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