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19th-Century Publications about the Book of Mormon (1829-1844) is part of the Digital Collections of the Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University, and is found in the LDS Religion and Church History section. Each item in this collection is a compound object, consisting of a combination of facsimiles of the original publication and a transcription of the pertinent section of the publication. Please note that transcriptions reflect the grammar and spelling of the originals.

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Our electronic posting of entries in this collection is not complete. Watch for regular updates.

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In both Basic and Detailed searches, results are ordered chronologically. Click any blue-highlighted field to be taken to that specific compound object. Entries in the compound object where your search item is found will be bracketed in red.

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Tools on the Compound Object Page

Search this object searches only the specific document you are viewing. Entries within this object where your search item is found will be bracketed in red.

View menu offers three options. You can see metadata about this particular object using Page Description and Document Description. A blue-highlighted field is a search link and will lead you to other objects with the same data. View any facsimile that you have opened on the screen and its transcription (in HTML format) side-by-side using Page & Text.

A toolbar (place your cursor along the bottom of the image) allows you to zoom in and out of the facsimiles, and allows you to download any facsimile or transcription to your computer. All electronic files are public domain. We have a database of electronic copies of many of the facsimiles in tiff and jpg formats. Contact the Maxwell Institute with any requests.

Note the horizontal menu along the top of the image. You can bookmark your search using Add Document to Favorites or Add Page to Favorites. Reference URL supplies a URL for use in footnotes, bibliographies, etc. This URL takes you directly to the Internet page cited.