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Political Science Web Resources

Statistical Sources

Agricultural: Agricultural production, food trade, food supply, agricultural machinery, fertilizers, pesticides, development, literacy, global population, etc.

Census: Statistical Abstract of the United States online, includes population, demographics, income, etc.

CIA World Factbook: The complete CIA World Factbook online, including populations, GDP, military capabilities, etc.

Numeric Data for UN Information: Includes links to Citing Numeric Data, Direct Access to International Numeric Data, Sources of Statistics, and Sources of Sustainable Development Indicators.

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Social Science Digital Data Resources

US Department of Justice: Reports and publications from various divisions within US Department of Justice (FBI, DEA, INS, etc), including world-wide violent crime (homicide, rape, assaults, burglary, theft) statistics.

World Crime Statistics: Statistics and research sources linked from the United Nations Crime and Justice Information Network (UNCJIN) web page.

World Development Indicators (stand-alone CD at Government Documents Reference, 1st floor HBLL): Includes data from 148 countries, basic indicators for 62 countries, social indicators of development, world debt tables, and trends in developing economies.

Unique Paper Statistical Sources (all available at the Social Sciences/Education Reference Desk, 1st Floor HBLL, earlier editions are on regular shelves)

Europa Yearbook (2 volumes): Statistical data on almost every member of the United Nations: JN 1 .E85 1999

Statesman's Yearbook: The Politics, Cultures and Economics of the World: British-produced statistical compendium of global statistics including GDP and population. JA 51 .S7 2000

Statistical Abstract of the World: HA 154 .S72 1994