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Political Science Web Resources

Polls, Public Opinion, and Approval Ratings

Gallup Poll and Archive: This is the official Gallup Poll site, conducted by the Gallup organization, and which includes a variety of polling data but not their entire poll archive. May contain selected political polls or popularity/approval ratings.

Harris Poll Online: The official site of the Harris polling organization, this site contains a variety of polling data but does not reveal all of their polls. May contain selected political polls or popularity/approval ratings.

Presidential Job Performance Polls: This page is part of the Roper organization's official website and contains presidential approval ratings from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and major newspapers, plus an archive of presidential approval ratings from Roosevelt to Bush.

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Roper Poll: This is the official site of the Roper organization, one of the world's largest polling and sampling firms. While this site does not contain all data Roper gathers, it does release some data to this website that may prove valuable to readers.

Social Sciences Data Collection: This data collection is from the University of California at San Diego, and contains elections and other social science data, plus archives.

U.S. Polls and Survey Data: This site is maintained at Keele University in the United Kingdom and collects a number of lesser-known data, elections and polling web sites into a cohesive site.

Yankelovich Partners: The Yankelovich organization is one of America's preeminent polling sources, and this site shares some of its official results in political and elections polling.

Zogby America Poll (President, Congress approval ratings): This is the official site of the Zogby polling organization and provides up-to-date elections polls on interesting election races and issues management.