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Political Science Web Resources

Law Schools and Legal Information Sources

American Bar Association: The official site of the American Bar Association details the organization's events and matters of interest to the legal community.

American Legal Ethics Library: A site on legal ethics maintained at Cornell University law school.

BYU Law School: The official site of the J. Reuben Clark Law School at BYU.

Internet Legal Resource Guide: This is the first site to undertake bringing together the finest and most substantive legal resources online.

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Jurist: The Law Professor's Network: A legal information database that provide up-to-date legal news and other information useful in legal environments.

Jurweb(International Legal Information): "CataLaw is the catalog of catalogs of law on the Internet. It helps speed research by arranging ALL legal and government indexes into a unique, uniform and universal metaindex." To search international legal information, just click on the regional info box and select the part of the world you desire.

Law School Admissions Test (LSAT)

Law Schools List (Members, American Association of Law Schools): A list of accredited law schools (with hotlinks) provided by the American Association of Law Schools at their official web site.

Legal Information Institute (Cornell): A site maintained by Cornell University Law School on a wide variety of legal information.

Search the Internet by Legal Topic: A site maintained by the law school at Indiana University that permits searching for legal information on the Internet.