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Political Science Web Resources

World Politics

Country/Regional Sources

African Political News Sources: A collection by the University of Pennsylvania of web-based news sources on mostly sub-Saharan African politics and government, as well as cultural and geographic news.

British Parliament: The official British government link for information on Parliament (the House of Commons and the House of Lords) and on bills, members, and other official events.

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British Political News--BBC: This page of the official BBC site contains information on the variety of British political parties, usually with analysis by BBC correspondents. It is also a site useful for obtaining information on particular British political parties and political personalities.

European Parliament: The official website of the European Parliament, which lists the president, political groups, EU institutions, national parliaments, press releases and much more info on the European Union. It also lists members of the European parliament, pending legislation, committee meetings and agendas, and treaties to which EU is a party.

European Political News: A service of the European Union, this site provides a comprehensive collection of hot links concerning European politics, including EU political parties, and political news.

Japanese Government News and Transcripts: A site for Japanese and Asian news and information.

Latin American Political News(in English): This is part of the official Miami Herald newspaper site, and provides comprehensive news coverage of Latin American news in the "Americas" section.

Middle East News Sources(Muslim and Israeli): A forum for news from a variety of English-language news and commentary sources about the Arabic and Israeli world. Includes the Middle East as well as North Africa and the Persian Gulf.

NATO:  The official homepage of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

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Corruption Index(International): The official site for British monitoring of financial scandals in European and other countries.

Internet Center for Corruption Research: A joint project of the anti-corruption organization Transparency International and Goettingen University in Germany, this official site contains data on the most current year's corruption index, its major players, the affected countries, and attempts to correct a variety of forms of political corruption.

Human Rights

The Concise Guide to Human Rights on the Internet: This site includes links to the UN, Red Cross, Amnesty International, OAS, European, and many other human rights NGOs, plus regional reports and U.S. State Department country reports. It also lists sites arranged by issues, including disappeared persons, women, and children, and provides links to human rights journal and other publications.

International News Sources

Drudge Report: Hollywood-based Matt Drudge may not be the world's best reporter, but his website contains links to an extraordinary number of legitimate news organizations, both American and foreign, and by virtue of this is an excellent site for political news. In addition, it is one of a very few sites where links to political columnists and analysts can be found in a single place.

International Studies

Berkeley Roundtable: University of California, Berkeley: The Berkeley Roundtable on International Economy has a very informative website, a key feature of which is the link which displays a large number of academic links on the subject of international development.

Institute of International Studies: University of California, Berkeley: Has links to working papers and research publications.

International Studies and Overseas Programs: University of California, Los Angeles: A number of links at this site include African studies, Asian/Pacific and global research, Euro-Russian studies, and international business.  Some of these links are suitable for lesson plans for K-12 grades.

Issues in International Development Cooperation

IPEnet: The International Political Economy Network: "Sponsored by the IPE Section of the International Studies Association, The IPENet Information Technology Project is a premier internet site for research and scholarship on the global political economy."

United Nations

Scholars' Workstation: Yale University's collection of UN documents.  Provides numeric data for UN information.

The United Nations: The UN's official homepage

The Security Council: The United Nations Security Council homepage

World Elections

The Lijphart Elections Archive:  "The Lijphart Elections Archive, housed at the University of California, San Diego campus, is a research collection of district level election results for approximately 350 national legislative elections in 26 countries. The objective of the Archive is to systematically collect election statistics in as much detail as possible, including, as a minimum, the results at the level of the individual election districts in which votes are converted into seats."

Elections Around the World: A website in Italy that monitors world-wide elections and provides analysis and party profiles.

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