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Census Data: Current
Connects to the U.S. Census Bureau, the major source of U.S. demographic, social and economic information. The CenStats File in this database requires and ID and password available at the Government Information Reference Desk.
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Census Data: Historical
The data presented here describe the people and the economy of the U.S. for each state and county from 1790 to 1970.
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Current Population Survey
The CPS is a monthly survey of about 50,000 households conducted by the Bureau of the Census for the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is the primary source of information on the labor force characteristics of the U.S. population.
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Economic Indicators
Contains charts and tables on U.S. output, income, spending, employment, wages, production, prices, money, credit, security markets, business activity, federal finance, and international statistics.
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Economic Report of the President
Provides access to: 1) current and foreseeable trends and annual numeric goals concerning topics such as employment, unemployment, production, real income, and the labor force 2) annual numeric goals and 3) a program for carrying out program objectives.
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Provides links to key statistics available from more than 70 Federal agencies. Includes a keyword searching option.
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Statistical Abstract of the U.S. (ProQuest)
ProQuest Statistical Abstracts of the United States is the authoritative and comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic conditions of the United States.
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