BYU Students and faculty are the key reason we exist. We will align our strategy and resources (people, collections, services, and spaces) to provide the best possible outcome for them.

We will do this through:

  1. Inspiring Learning: Recognizing and acting upon opportunities that allow students to have the best experiential learning in their scholarship or as library employees.
  2. Access: Improving discoverability of and access to resources—especially those unique to BYU—in order to support scholarship and to maximize our investment in acquiring and preserving this material.
  3. Spaces: Providing spaces that facilitate collaboration, experimentation, creation, and discovery.
  4. Collaboration: Fostering deep collaboration that produces new knowledge (research) and facilitates learning.
  5. Personnel: Developing our people so they can lead, facilitate, and respond to the changes that we need to address.

Updated January 2019