“Each member of the University community has not only an individual obligation to sustain and preserve the Honor Code but a shared responsibility to help others do likewise.” —BYU Honor Code

In light of this charge, the Harold B. Lee Library will actively educate BYU students and employees about the Honor Code and will encourage individual responsibility and compliance.

The Library will educate patrons about the Honor Code through the use of posters, table-top ads, bookmarks, signage, and other promotional means. In addition, Library employee training will include how to encourage others to uphold the honor code.

The Library will encourage individual responsibility and compliance “… in the spirit of love” as instructed by the University Honor Code. Members of the BYU community who are not in compliance with the Honor Code will be given a “friendly reminder” of their commitment to that code. In cases of flagrant non-compliance, Library services may be withheld until the patron comes into compliance. When it appears that a patron could benefit from additional education and counseling regarding personal commitment to the honor code, a full-time supervisor may refer that patron to the University Honor Code Office.

Patrons who are not members of the BYU community will be made aware of the general principles of the Honor Code as they see promotional and educational materials in the Library.

The Library will collaborate with other campus entities such as the Honor Code Office, the Student Honor Association, and the University Honor Code Advisory Council to maintain awareness of issues and consistency in promotion.

Reviewed September 2014