The Harold B. Lee Library is a library for the university, a library for the Church, and a library for the world. Although we strive to serve all of these audiences, our primary clientele for use of resources inside the building is the students and faculty of BYU.

Tours and large group visits may have an adverse effect on resource availability and the quiet study environment for this clientele. For this reason, groups from on and off campus should adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. Group tours must have prior approval from a full-time Library employee.
    • This employee will also act as a sponsor for the visit. Typically, the sponsor will be part of the department or area being visited. To inquire about a sponsor, contact the Associate University Librarian for Public Services at (801) 422-2905.
  2. Before receiving approval for a group visit, the requestor should provide the following information to the Library sponsor.
    • Purpose of the visit
    • Date/time
    • Planned locations to visit or tour
    • Age of the visitors
    • Number of visitors and if they are minors, how many adult supervisors will be present
    • Need for instruction
    • Anticipated use of Library print materials or computers

    The sponsor will determine:

    • Possible impact on the Library or need for coordination with other departments
    • The need for temporary signage if study areas will be disrupted (should be placed in the area 24 hours in advance)
    • The need for a Library-employee escort during the visit
  3. Groups may visit exhibits without Library sponsorship. Advance notice is appreciated for large groups. For further information, contact the Associate University Librarian for Public Services at (801) 422-2905.

We also invite use of the Library from off site. By visiting the Library’s web page, visitors can enjoy many of the Library’s resources, particularly the unique materials from of Special Collections which have been digitized and are available free of charge.

Reviewed October 2014