To minimize damage to the collection and maintain a clean environment conducive to quiet study, the Library has a NO FOOD policy on levels 1, 2, 4, and 5.

With the exception of desktop computer stations, Level 3 is a food-friendly floor. On this floor, and particularly in the Snack Zone located in the south wing, students can take a food break without leaving the Library. Patrons may eat cold food in this area; however, hot foods, food preparation, and food deliveries are not allowed. Liquids must be in containers with screw top lids.

Patrons in the snack zone should handle food in a responsible manner, conscientiously clean up after themselves, and immediately report spills or other problems to Library staff. In order to maintain a pleasant study environment for all users, food is not allowed in other areas of the Library.


Beverages in containers with screw top lids are allowed in all public areas of the Library except:

  • Special Collections reading room
  • Posted areas in the Music/Dance area


Overnight storage of food in lockers is prohibited.


Occasionally the Library sponsors special events which include food service. The event location and food guidelines are carefully selected and approved by the Library administration.

Updated October 2014