Vision Statement

The Harold B. Lee Library will actively participate in learning, teaching, and research by identifying and responding effectively to the information needs of students and faculty.

Mission Statement

Provide information resources and services that

  • Support educational pursuits
  • Promote information discovery
  • Advance scholarship
  • Nurture lifelong intellectual and spiritual growth

Harold B. Lee Library Website Mission

The mission of the Harold B. Lee Library website is to expedite the discovery and delivery of information. To do this the site strives to:

  • Organize electronic resources in ways that users can efficiently locate what they need;
  • Maintain clear, logical navigation paths among pages and resources for all levels of users;
  • Explain how users may capture desired information, and make the process as simple as possible;
  • Be an example of clarity, including consistency in style and appearance;
  • Provide guidance in how users can effectively conduct research in an academic library;
  • Offer full access to on-campus users, while extending access to authorized CES and other remote users to as great an extent as possible;
  • Be considerate of users with special needs, such as those with disabilities and those who have a limited fluency in English;
  • Make available professional tools and resources needed by library staff;
  • Comply with licensing agreement and copyright laws; and
  • Be efficiently maintained and updated.