Exhibit Materials

Letter to Major Willis
Nightingale, Florence. Letter to Major Willis. Scutari, Jan. 7, 1856. (2 p)
Letter Dr Bell 1
Nightingale, Florence. Letter to Dr. Joseph Bell. [London?], June 28, 1887. (4 p)
Letter Dr Bell 2
Nightingale, Florence. Letter to Dr. Joseph Bell. London, Sept. 5, 1888. (19 p)
Verney, Lady Frances Parthenope. “Life and Death of Athena an Owlet from the Parthenon”, Lithograph, 1855?. (32 p)
Notes on Nursing
Nightingale, Florence. Notes on Nursing: What it is, and what it is not. London: Harrison [undated]. (80 p) Also see first edition, second issue.
Notes on Hospitals
Nightingale, Florence. Notes on Hospitals. London: John W. Parker and Son, 1859. (166 p)
Army Sanitary Administration
Nightingale, Florence. Army Sanitary Administration and its Reform under the Late Lord Herbert. London: McCorquodale & Co., [1862]. (11 p)
Sanitary Statistics
Nightingale, Florence. Sanitary Statistics of Native Colonial Schools and Hospitals. London: Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1863. (72 p)
Mackenzie, Georgina Muir. Travels in the Slavonic Provinces of Turkey-in-Europe. London: Isbister and Co., 1877. (687 p) Also see Volume 2.