Harold B. Lee Library

Faculty: Get Your Book on a Kindle!

June 5, 2009

The ILL office is experimenting with the Amazon Kindle for faculty users. Where available, we will try to get a ebook version of the text requested for interlibrary loan. This will help speed up delivery time and, in some cases, even provide a book which other libraries either are unwilling or unable to lend.

We anticipate these items will primarily be very new titles (published within the last 6 months) or very popular titles (e.g., NY Bestsellers).

Initially, we will contact faculty members to see if they are willing to accept the requested item on the Kindle instead of in print. In the future, we anticipate having an opt in or out option on the loan request form.

If you would like us to look first for a Kindle version of your request, please mention that in the Notes field of the request form and we would be happy to search for you!

We are excited to explore the possibilities the Kindle has to offer!

— UPDATE 6/16/09 —

Since Amazon has continued to deny any written agreement with us, we have decided to discontinued our (brief) pilot. We plan on revisiting this pilot if Amazon does offer written confirmation.

— UPDATE 6/17/09 —

Here is the HBLL’s official statement: The Interlibrary Loan Office of the Harold B. Lee Library designed a pilot program to test Kindle Reading Devices as a tool to support faculty research. This program was designed with verbal consent from Amazon. The library administration has postponed implementation of the program until written permission is received from Amazon.