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Document Delivery Services

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Creating your account:

Faculty Delivery Services uses the same systems as Interlibrary Loan.  Please follow the link below to view instructions.  As this requires sensitive information we ask that you do this personally.

Submitting a Book Request:

The most efficient method to submit your request is electronically.  After looking up the book in our catalogue and accessing the detailed record scroll to the bottom of the page to the holding information for that book.  Please make sure this item is located at our campus before selecting the “Request Faculty Delivery” button.

This will route you to our Interlibrary Loan system.  Once you log in the system will import the data from the record you selected.  Once verifying the information is complete select the “Submit Request” button at the top or bottom of the page.

If the book is not in our catalogue then please request it through Interlibrary Loan using as much information about the item as you can.

Submitting an Article Request:

To request an article you can either have all the information or once logging in to the ILLiad system select “Request an Article.”  At the top of the request form is the link to Journal Finder which will help locate the article’s information and then import it into the request form.  Once verifying the information is complete select the “Submit Request” button at the top or bottom of the page.



We will deliver all circulating items checked out for a twenty-six week period, along with some exceptions.

Reference materials are checked out with permission from the subject librarian.  The duration of the check out is entirely up to them.

LRC Materials

For those who are still unaware, Faculty Delivery Services (FDS) is now responsible for the distribution of all LRC media items to faculty for classroom use; this change occurred in July of 2009.  OIT will continue to provide and deliver equipment to the classroom as requested; FDS, however, will deliver media items to Department Offices as with other materials.  FDS will continue to require 24-hour notice for any media requests. We encourage faculty to plan accordingly.

We are still able to schedule items in advance as before with several exceptions:

Items with the call number addition of MM and C cannot be scheduled in advanced.

Items with the call number addition of L must still be checked out in person.

When you schedule an LRC item, the FDS request will remain unfinished in the ILLiad system until the agreed upon date (or day prior, as time permits) and deliver as normal to the Department Office.  If the item is already checked out, then the patron requesting said item will need to wait for its return, since the LRC does not recall items early from another patron.  Will we continue to check each day prior to the date needed to see if checked out items have been returned.

Please return items through the Department Offices as with all FDS and ILL returns.

Delivery Schedule

Every morning we print from our request queue and spend the morning locating the items. After 1pm our students leave the library to start their delivery round. These items are signed over to the Department Secretary for each area. If there is a need for an item that day please contact us so that we can process it quicker rather than just placing a note in the request.

As the quantity of items changes daily our route schedule is flexible and we ask for your patience in this matter. The best way to assure that items are picked up or renewed is to call in the request before they leave at 1pm.

Items to be picked up should be left at the Department Office as well as items which are to be renewed.


Unless specified otherwise, notifications for articles requested will be sent to the patron’s individual email account with a link to the article on our server. If the patron would prefer a hard copy of the article it must be indicated on the patron’s record and would ensure that all requests are hard copies. This will then be delivered to the professor’s office like a book.

Graduate Document Delivery Procedure:

After tracing the requested items we will place a hold for that user which will send an email to their account. These items can be retrieved from the HBLL Circulation Desk as a normal hold.

The two exception to this service is LRC materials and Law Library Items, these items will still need to be checked out in person at the 4th floor desk or Howard W. Hunter Library.


All articles are sent electronically whether it be through a notification email with a direct link to our server or as a attachment.


How long does it take to receive an item?

Our minimum turnaround time is 24 hrs however if the books is not found the first time we will search for it twice more over the next two days.

What if there is no one to sign for the items when the students come by?

Each professor’s items must be signed over for our records. If there is neither staff nor faculty at the office we will return the next day with the items.

What if the item I would like is checked out?

Unless specified in the request that the library’s item should be placed on hold or the item will be due within ten days we will Interlibrary Loan the item from another university.

If my information changes do I need to update my ILLiad account?

As our system is not linked to Route Y patrons should update their ILLiad account at the same time there are changes to their university account to help us serve them efficiently.

How long will my article be accessible through my account?

Once an article is over a month old it is automatically deleted from our server to make space for new articles of the coming month. As these articles are for academic use they can be saved permanently to a personal computer or USB drive to access them later.

Contact Information:

Please feel free to contact us by either way listed below or by posting on this site:


Phone: (801) 422-5282